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Hi Comic Viners,

I have an idea for a comic character and its respective stories. I am in the very early stages of development. The first element I need to make my character a realization is a “body”. In other words, although I have the ideas for the character that is, origins, motive, powers, I have only a basic idea of how my character should look. In addition I have atrocious art skills =). So, this leads me to my request/question. Are there any artist out there looking to go in on the creation of a character?

P.S new to comic vine and details of course available on character but don’t want make the post excessively long. Oh ya, I would hope try to get this character publish!

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Good luck, and welcome. :]

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@Susoriuc: You should probably advertise this in the artist show off forum if you're looking for an artist to draw your character. Also welcome to Comicvine! :)

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@Lvenger: will do, thanks