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Hey everyone,

I just started reading comics a few years ago, and I've been snapping up back issues as often as possible to get clear on the history of the universes I'm reading. And nothing about that process pissed me off more than getting home from a back-issue sale to find out I already had almost every issue I'd just bought.

I tried making lists on my phone. They were always minimal, hopelessly out of date, and never complete. I tried logging them with different tools i found online. But when I got to the store, it was a PITA it look up a specific issue and see if I had it. So I just kept buying dupes. Finally I got tired of it.

So I started building an online collection app that uses the ComicVine API. It's really simple (no custom lists or anything), but that's the point. You sign up, log the issues you own, and mark any you particularly want. When you find something you're unsure you own, or you run across a great back-issue sale, you log in to the site from your phone, log in (directly, or with Facebook, Google, or Microsoft accounts), and see if you've got it. Done.

It's up and running now at http://comimics.com. Check it out, and hopefully it'll be helpful for you. If not, let me know why, maybe there's a feature I can add that will solve the problem. I'm already working on a few...most importantly, importing your collection data from other tools, so you don't have to repeat the work.

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Looks really cool, the whole "do I have that comic already?" can get really annoying at conventions.

Quick idea or suggestion or whatever, maybe incorporate BAR codes? (Like, you would scan your comics to add them, or scan a comic to see if you have it.) I think that would make it a LOT easier. :-)

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Wow, very impressive. I've always wanted a program to catalog my comics, but most of them aren't free or not really intuitive.

Is there the possibility that we can sort our issues by alphabetical order though, instead of the order we added them? I realize it sounds trivial, but it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

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I use StashMyComics.com right now, it's free and tells you the "value" of your comics on an issue-by-issue basis, but I'll check this out.

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The look of it is very appealing, but adding comics to your library seems very time consuming. For someone like me with almost 2000 comics, adding them all would be extremely time consuming.

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Thanks guys, I'm glad I'm not the only one who runs into that issue. I'm excited to see if this ends up being a tool that helps.

@veshark: Right now, the lists are actually sorted by volume and then descending issue number. When they load up into the account page, the volumes come up at random, based on how fast each comes out of the database. If I can get the sort time down (so that it's not so slow as to be really irritating), alphabetical can definitely be an option.

@dabee: Bar codes are something I'd like to do in the future, but it'll probably be only available on the mobile site. Definitely on the road map. It would be really helpful to log in at the store, scan a code, and immediately see if you have it.

@mpierce2690: There are definitely more powerful and feature-rich tools out there, and I'm not trying to replace them. The value tracking is something I think is pretty cool, but it's not part of the problem I was trying to solve. But, the first thing on my road map is to set up an import tool that will let you import your collection data from another source (like StashMyComics.com). Also, on the volume page, you can enter in issues by number (i.e.: 1-45, 47, 51-65).