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Wolfman all the way!

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I say Wolfman as well but Clearmont has some good ones

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I'm going with Chris

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Wolfman, though CC did some really good work back in the day.

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Chris Claremont? Yeah I'm a big fan of his run on the X-Men so I'd really have to choose him even though I love Wolfman's work.

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We all know how I voted

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i love the X-Men so I have to go with CC

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wow we got a 50/50 when i voted went with CC

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I flipped a coin and claremont won

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so umm...no one's going to give a basic overview over which realm each of them created characters?

I know Claremont = X-Men but honestly I have only heard of Wolfman's name...I don't know what he's famed for

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Hmmmm...I'm assuming Wolfman created Deathstroke The Terminator and since I loved reading that yesterday, I pick Wolfman.

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I still gotta say Wolfman although since I created this I have been catching up on a lot of Clearmont's creations

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Chris Claremont. I hated Wolfman's creepy obsession with Donna Troy. He was so obsessed with her that he created Terry Long (a character NOBODY liked) in his own image so he could vicariously "marry" Donna.