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My local comic shop which I've loved/supported and did business with for years is closing before Christmas. The shop was pretty flourish and then they made the worst decisions on their history within a matter of 3 weeks. Now not only are they forced to close, but have sold out to a larger comic book chain. And this chain I really dislike but was forced into slavery to them for now. Need Comicvine to cheer me up.

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@FrankenKong: Aww.....sorry dude. That really sucks. What happened to make them close?

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@FrankenKong: Man I've always wanted to open a Geek shop, but all these stories are so discouraging :(

I'm sorry your favorite shop closed.

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Fired their BEST employees. When I mean BEST, I mean the 2 employees that were the pillars of that store. They had all the systems worked out for ordering,shipping,cataloging,note taking,pulling books for customers, the works. With them gone the store went already on a 90% downhill slope. And worst of all, the owners/managers didn't order a single book for the 11/28 comic book week. Worst than that, they didn't bother to tell anyone. So come Wednesday we all walked in and basically got S#%T on. The store is having a blow out sale called "A December to Remember"...more like "This is our Death Certificate. You can kiss our ass goodbye losers."

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@FrankenKong: I feel your pain man. I'm feel so lucky to live in a City with several comic book shops.

I hope you can still get the comics you like.

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I like your username.

Also, sucks that your shop closed.

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@FrankenKong: Sorry to hear that.