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I’m bored and since we are on the NBA playoff i made this thread :P … make your comics Dream Team

Coach – Doctor Doom


SG- Batman

SF- Captain America

PF- Thor

C- Hulk

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Coach: Rick Flagg (or Len Snart)

PG: Wally West

SG: Bullseye

SF: Aaron Stack

PF: King Shark

C: Doomsday

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Coach: Kang or Doom

PG: Flash

SG: Deathstroke

SF: Silver Surfer

PF: Superman

C: Thanos

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Coach : Ultimate Nick Fury

PG: Nightcrawler

SG: Domino

SF: Captain America

PF: Colossus

C: Giant-Man

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Coach - Batman. We don't need a scientist to win basketball games, we need a strategist.

PG - Barry Allen. He'd just vibrate through people. The ball will go where he wants it to.

SG - Hawkeye. All he needs to do is be open. Batman will make sure he is.

SF - Superman. He's already the LeBron James of superheroes when it comes to raw talent/power. He's also more reliable in clutch situations.

PF - The Thing. He's a scrapper. He's here for defense and the ugly battles in the paint.

C - Hulk. His sheer size would be just as important as his strength. No opponent is going to want to take the ball down low.

The best part of this team is that they're all on my current pull-list.

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A team consisting entirely of Green Lanterns ought to do the trick...sorry if that's the boring answer