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well, basically many people want comics to be on TV. and the fact is that it is not easy money wise and time wise. not only that but it is hard to guess how many people well like it. it is also hard to get good story topics. it is coplicated to get many people to get signed on to the project. following the paragraph is a list to whats coming out then a little info after that a plan to get any comic onto a TV show then give some ideas to any tv show in the comments.

superhero 2013 movies upcoming

1. iornman 3: may 3 2013

2. man of steel: june 14

3. the wolverine: july 26

4. thor: the dark worlds: november 8

superhero 2014 movies upcoming

1. capatin america: winter soldier: april 4

2. the amazing spider-man 2: may 2

3. x-men: days of future past : july 18

4. guardians of the galaxy: august 1

5. x men orgins: deadpool: TBA

superhero 2015 movies upcoming

1. fantastic four reboot: march 6

2. the advengers 2: may 1

3. justice league: june TBA

4. ant-man: november 6

5. batman reboot: TBA

6. hulk: TBA

these are just some movies that may come out. in the comments add any more new movies you may find or changed dates. also what movie are you looking foward to. well they had to have good odds and greate producers. there is a little compostition with mavel and DC to get out the justice league and the advengers 2 even though the have a little freindship in their past

well heres my plan one person write an idea and send it to warner bros. or disney. then get alot of people to write letrs packing you up. do it over and over and you shouldent mind if they steal your ideas because its still on tv. so write an comment

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I predict that in the next decade that the general population will get tired of comic book movies once everything has been done. This can be seen as a good and a bad thing.

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every year a new hero well come and a new idea well spin off of it and if desperate they well start to "renew ideas"

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I love a good comic book movie, and I'd like a tv show if it were well made. I generally prefer cartoons though, because you don't need a high budget for effects, you can get away with the more unrealistic aspects of the comics, and it can have long running stories.

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I always envision MARVEL taking their street level characters and making a tv series. Leave the big budget films for stuff like Iron Man, Cap, Thor and Avengers etc. I'd love to see (re-acquired) Daredevil made into a TV series that could possibly include characters like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Blade and Punisher. They could bring in villians like The Hand, Kingpin, Jigsaw, Tombstone etc. Kinda take what WB/DC did with a show like Smallville, and currently ARROW, but with even more characters that exist in the same world (team-ups). Put it on FX or AMC or even HBO and that could be really cool. Almost limitless potential it could have if done right.

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in 2014 the flash and green lantern 2 is coming