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Looking out over my feet half covered in sand to the Gulf of Mexico made me stop reading comics several times. It took me almost an entire day to read two issues and I was ok with getting a little sand on them.

The first one was Titans #2 ($2.99). In Issue two we find out who has been trying to destroy all of the old Teen Titans and a bit of their big plan. It is Trigon as revealed on the cover and at the end of the issue we find out he has help. It is worth the read and worth continuing the Titans story for me. It will stay on my pull list and with the cast and current writing/art I think this one could be a long term pull.

The second issue I attempted to read on the beach actually went faster than the first one. Dynamite’s third issue of Project Superpowers ($2.99) pulled me back into the series. I have now read five issues of this title; 0 thru 3 and an un-numbered special issue from this years free comic book day. I was in at issue zero but one and two were losing me. The free special edition is honestly the only reason I picked up issue 3. I have to say that this issue pulled me all the way back in. It was the first issue of the series that felt like a winner from beginning to end. With the emerging Samson character and a big ending to this issue that will most definatly make issue four a big one it is definatly going back on the pull list.

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