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whats your favorite, only one

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Currently Immortal Iron Fist.

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Black Panther. Love T'challa & Storm.

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Daredevil. Not just cause I like the character but because the story writing has balls.

From Miller to Bendis to Brubaker, it's broken a lot of ground in unconventional story lines.

There's a lot of things writers have done with DD that they wouldn't have with any other title.

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Civil War (even though its over). It brought out sides in the heroes i thought i'd never see. Spiderman and ironman double-teaming cap, vision and cap double-teaming ironman, cap ready to KILL ironman? that series is what actually got me into comics. it had great writing, a great concept (superhero registration), very dramatic and creative. I couldnt stop reading it lol.

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Fantastic Four. Now and forever. I love the First Family to bits. They're pioneers in their own right and it's always an adventure with them, even when tragedy strikes the team.

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Does it count if you havent read one in a while? Cause my fave is The Hulk

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Eternal Chaos says:


Sings the Spider-Man song.

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immortal iron fist

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Uh... I don't know maybe Spider-Man.

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X-Men. Always.

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currently Sinestro Corps...

amazing series so far


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green lantern, because the siniestro corps is in my opinion a master piece

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The Question