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I haven't been back into comics for a long time again, but I'm noticing things such as who writes, illustrates issues, cover artists, and things I may have never noticed when I was younger. One thing I am surprised to learn is that writers and artists don't have the longest lifespan on any specific title. Right now with Scott Snyder doing an amazing job with Batman, you may think he'd be there long term, percentage wise, it doesn't look so good. Do you guys have any answers on why writers and artists never stay longer on any title??

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i thought you meant literally lifespans. I was getting worried

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Meh, what's so great about living past 70 anyway?

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The biggest factors are probably things such as title cancellation and creators wanting to stay fresh and move over to other books. A lot of cancellations are unwarranted (cough* I, Vampire cough*), but I like it when a writer knows not to overstay their welcome on a book.

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DC is having enormous difficulty maintaining regular creative teams on the majority of their line, but Marvel has been able to hold writers to titles for very long runs. I think the big problem with so many current artists is that they just can't hold to a monthly schedule... looking at you, Jim Lee... requiring fill-ins, back-up features, and then finally, a replacement.

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Well with Morrison, you'd think Batman and/or Superman would be the top tier of comic jobs, yet his stay on either was and is short. It seems like the old days of golden/silver age writers and artists staying with a title are just over.