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firstttt for a yay for another weekly news :]

as always, ty for the wrap up~

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Thanks for the wrap up!

Who's doing all the yapping in the background? --Kind of distracting

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Is it me or does it seem like Sara can't wait to get Tony to Long Beach?

#4 Posted by cyberchop979 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

Have fun at Long Beach, Tony. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Mystery Art Challenge.

#5 Posted by No_Name_ (16193 posts) - - Show Bio

@Press Oblivion said:

Is it me or does it seem like Sara can't wait to get Tony to Long Beach?

I think it's just you. I guess I just can't be in a good mood!

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Can't wait to see the goods G-Man will offer from Long Beach. Comic Vine hitting the Cons well this year. Awesome.

The Joe Kubert and Captain Marvel comic book covers look wonderful. G-Man wants to live in George Lucas' beard. Just saying...

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You guys act so goofy! Makes me laugh.

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glad see this back!

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Missed out on my comics this week because of the hurricane knocking power out in my area for like 5 days. I'm gonna have a huge haul next week with this week's stuff and the Marvel NOW stuff.

I'm glad to hear Captain Marvel was good. The current story arc was getting a bit wonky.

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Glad to see this format back. G-Man and Babs bring a lot to the table.

I thought about the Joe Kubert Special, but now I'm picking it up.

Thanks for coming back Tony and Sara.

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Enjoyed the news video.

Hope you have fun on LBCC with Tom, Tony. I wonder if Tom will try and rope you into one of his Vice Pit videos. He's been doing those for a while, and they've been really good.

I noticed that Conner statue on your desk, Sara. That looks cool. It's sad, becasue I probably wont get a chance to play AC3 till after Christmas. I'll have to avoid spoilers.

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It does kind of make sense for those two Storm and Wolverine would hook up. but they are just close but could not see a relationship unless they both got over each others flaws.

Speaking of Halloween costumes. : Great job on the costume of the riddler there. too cool. Was that a home made cane?

: You should make plans for your sandiego comic con or halloween costume. I would suggest, that you could really pull off an awesome Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2. since your a fan of the series. it would make sense.

Tony lets see some pictures from The long beach Ill share pictures from my experience from C4 comic con here in winnipeg as well with my costume.

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@Babs said:

@Press Oblivion said:

Is it me or does it seem like Sara can't wait to get Tony to Long Beach?

I think it's just you. I guess I just can't be in a good mood!

lol Make A new rap about it!!!

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is LBC really worth it? seems kinda pricy for a con that seems small

#15 Posted by queenfrost_ (2611 posts) - - Show Bio

@Babs: Tell 'em

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Have one wicked time at Long Beach, G-Man! Awesome wrap up you two :)

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Everyone is hot on Emma Rios' art, but I am NOT sold. I cannot stand it.

It reminds me of the kind of gangly, shoddy anime art in Vampire Hunter D's '80s anime adaptation.