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Last week got pretty crazy with the week ending with the Live Show. Hopefully you had a chance to check it out. The footage should be archived and we'll I'll let everyone know where as soon as it's all set up.

Starting this week, let's begin with looking at the top viewed articles instead of leading with the top viewed characters since there sometimes isn't too much of a change there. If you want to check out last week's data, you can find it here.

Top Seven Viewed News Articles

  1. Six Developments from BATMAN #0
  2. Awesome Art Picks: Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Superman and More
  3. Chris Evans Not Looking Forward to Becoming 'Captain America'
  4. Off My Mind: Why We Need More Comic Book Crossovers
  5. Cable Returns in CABLE AND X-FORCE
  6. 10 Comics to Buy This Week: 9/12/2012
  7. Who Will Survive the AVENGERS ARENA?

The idea of the zero issues is a success. The Batman article got pretty insane numbers. Looks like there's interest in the new Marvel NOW! titles as well. It'll be interesting to see how those two titles do once they're released.

== TEASER ==

Top Seven Viewed Comic Characters

  1. Batman
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Superman
  4. Wonder Woman
  5. Hulk
  6. Deadpool
  7. Thor

The Top Seven is looking more like it did a few weeks ago. Spider-Man managed to push Superman and Wonder Woman aside to reclaim his number two spot. Deadpool made his return and Ben 10 is no where to be seen. As for the number eight spot, it belongs to Dogwelder for some reason.

Top Seven Viewed Reviews

  1. Batman #0
  2. Avengers Vs. X-Men #11
  3. Avenging Spider-Man #12
  4. Uncanny X-Force #31
  5. Team 7 #0
  6. Batman and Robin #0
  7. Batgirl #0

We didn't review as many zero issues as we did last week but there is still a lot of interest in them. The data is saying something about our desire to know what happened in the early days.

Top Seven Viewed Videos

  1. The Best Stuff in Comics This Week: Episode 10
  2. Comic Vine Weekly News: 09/14/12
  3. Ask, And Ye Shall Receive...Answers: Episode 18
  4. 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1' Clip 3
  5. 3-Minute Expert: Who is Deadpool?
  6. Comic Vine Weekly News: 09/07/12
  7. The Best Stuff in Comics This Week: Episode 11

That's it for this week. Thanks again to those that watched the live show. Thanks to those that subscribed or bought a t-shirt (I love you). I promise to start up the Premium Subscriber content on a more regular basis (I've actually filmed three videos that I'll start editing to go out over the next couple weeks).

Now, let's get ready for the new week.

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Does the viewed page counter also count the number of people who is perhaps hotlinking their way into the forum attached to it?

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The 3-minute expert is still in the Top 7 that means you've GOTTA do more :D:D:D:D:D:D Pleeeeeeaaaassee

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Dogwelder?? LOL I take it pepole are just visting random character pages to get them on the list 

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Another nice summary. Now I can check on stuff I missed.

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Awesome :) Batman still holds the top spot.

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