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September is now over. That means zero month at DC has ended and we're getting closer to Marvel NOW! beginning. This is the time we take a look back at what went down last week. It's all about the numbers. If you're curious what the week before looked like, you can check that out HERE.

Top Seven Viewed News Articles

  1. Five Developments About Tim Drake in TEEN TITANS #0
  2. Off My Mind: Does Joker Know Batman's Secret Identity?
  3. Who is Wonder Woman: A Look at the Character Pre and Post New 52
  4. Awesome Art Picks: Batwoman, Spider-Man, Daredevil and More
  5. This Just In: New Development for Tim Drake
  6. First Official Image from 'The Wolverine'
  7. 'Young Justice' Episode 34 "Satisfaction" Clips and Images

It turned out that Tim going straight to being called Red Robin was a minor change compared to the other differences seen in TEEN TITANS #0.

== TEASER ==

Top Ten Viewed Comic Characters

  1. Batman
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Superman
  5. Hulk
  6. Captain America
  7. Wolverine
  8. Thor
  9. Deadpool
  10. Tim Drake

As requested last week, we can take a look at the Top 10 Characters for those wondering what's going on below. Wonder Woman is pushing her way up again. Dick Grayson was able to stay in the top ten earlier in the week but Captain America becoming President in the Ultimate Universe and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine pic earned them their spots.

Top Ten Viewed Reviews

  1. 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1'
  2. 'Batman Live: World Arena Tour
  3. Batman: The Dark Knight #0
  4. The Amazing Spider-Man #694
  5. Justice League Dark #0
  6. Superman #0
  7. Wolverine and the X-Men #17
  8. Batman Incorporated #0
  9. Teen Titans #0
  10. Talon #0

There seems to be a bit of Batman here. I decided to go with a Top Ten this week since we had a Blu-ray and Live show review pop up.

Top Seven Viewed Videos

  1. 'Young Justice' E34 "Satisfaction" Clip 1
  2. 'Young Justice E34 "Satisfaction Clip 2
  3. Comic Vine Weekly News: 9/28/12
  4. Ask, and Ye Shall Receive Answers: Episode 20
  5. The Best Stuff in Comics This Week: Episode 12
  6. 3-Minute Expert: Who is Deadpool?
  7. Comic Vine Weekly News: 9/21/12

That wraps up last week. Now we can get ready for the coming week and month of October.

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I figured with Dredd coming out Judge Dredd would have been somewhere on this list. But jeez, people sure do love Batman!
#2 Posted by The Stegman (29580 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman wins, Batman ALWAYS wins.

#3 Posted by Mucklefluga (2650 posts) - - Show Bio

the 3 minute expert is still in the top 7!! Woah!!

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Why do people visit batman's page so often, I feel that information doesn't change often enough to warrant multiple viewings each week.

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I visit spideys page every few minutes to keep him in his spot! 
Im just kidding. I was wondering why Bats and Spidey have the top two pages too. Its not like people dont know about them

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batman always is the best he kicks butt all the time he is way better than superman if u peeps read the dark knight returns u will see that batman at age 50 kicked supermans butt

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Nice feature! Keep up the good work!

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@butters911: @GothamRed: because he is Batman.

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Yes! You did the top ten character this time like I mentioned last week! I'm feeling probably a little too happy because of this,

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The Dark Knight always takes the cake.