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Each week on Comic Vine we vote on a CV user who has contributed a tremendous amount of time and effort in making this an awesome website to visit. This week's winner is Primmaster64, who has been on the site since January 10th, 2010 -- that's almost two years! And in those two years he's accumulated a crazy amount of wiki points and is an active member of the forum community.

With 12,768 total wiki points it's obvious that Primmaster64 has done some serious damage to the Comic Vine wiki database, and if you know anything about him, then you can probably guess which character page he's done the most amount of work on right? As if it was any surprise, Primmaster64 has obtained a whopping 5,615 total points on the Superman character page. That's crazy! He's ranked #287 out of 106,591, which is a huge achievemnet for someone who has been here as long as he has. Primmaster64 is a pretty big DC Comics fan and has worked on Superboy Prime's character page (582 points), Superboy (456 points), Invincible (1,167 points), Jason Todd's character page (371 points), and Dick Grayson's page (263 points).

== TEASER ==

Aside from his love of many DC characters, Primmaster64 is also a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. In fact, he loves it so much that both Goku and Vegeta both made his list of all time favorite characters. Primmaster64 is also the top contributor to the Vegeta page which he gained 1,051 total points for.

Superman vs Goku

While he may be in the minority, Primmaster64 prides himself in his love of Superboy Prime and he's said that "Superboy Prime is the reason why [he] reads comics." Obviously, standing by characters who may not be everyone's favorite can definitely take guts -- especially in the battle threads where the conversations can get heated -- but Primmaster64 always backs his love of Superboy Prime. You can check out his list of favorite characters here and favorite superheroes here.

Primmaster64 has not only shared his love of Superman and Superboy Prime with us, but he's been a staple in our forum community, logging on each day to join in the conversation and share in our love of comics. In less than two years he's acquired a whopping 17,894 forum posts, which is crazy, so today we want to let him know how much we appreciate all his effort and the time he's spent on being an awesome member of the community. Congratulations, Primmaster64! Be sure to stop by his page to congratulate him on being awesome!

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Congrats, Primmaster64! Stay true to your love for the characters you like. That is the mark of a true fan! Nicely done.

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Congratulations dude!

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@turoksonofstone: my new ringtone

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Thanks my friends!

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good job prime

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Superman,Batman,Goku best heroes of all time iconic to the world,

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@Primmaster64: Oh wow, long time coming bro!!!

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Keep of the good work!

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SuperMan would have no chance fighting Goku

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Congrats, Primmaster64! :D

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@Primmaster64: Congrats man!

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Well deserved!

oh, btw, you're welcome :)

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@Primmaster64: Congrats bro! Efforts finally payed off.

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Right on man!

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@Primmaster64:Congrats bro!!!! ^__^

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Great stuff man, congratz.

Moderator Online
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Congrats, bro! Well deserved :)
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Congrast to another worthy winner

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Congratulations! :)

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Congratulations Primmaster! You definitely deserve this award mate! I tip my hat to a fellow Superman fan!

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@Primmaster64: Congrats my friend! :D

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Nice One!

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Congrats :)

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Well done Prim

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Congratulations. You deserve it.

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@Primmaster64: Very cool! Congratulations! :)

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Well done Prim you are the master

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Congrats man,certainly deserve it

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Congrats! :D

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Congrats PRIME . Spread the superman gospel :) lol

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The vine is safe again Primmaster64, thanks to you!

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@aztek_the_lost said:

L.O.L. :)

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@aztek_the_lost said:
And....that's exactly how you feel XD
Thanks everyone!
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Congrats, man!

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Congrats Pimmaster64 on being Community Star.

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Congrats fellow DBZ fan!

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PRIM, Congratulations!