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Welcome back to another wonderful Community Star Award! This week we are honoring another one of Comic Vine's amazing users, and once again, we did into the moderator community as we honor none other than Morpheus!

Morpheus has been on the vine for over a couple years now, and you may know him best from his moderator duties here on the vine. He's like the sheriff that the whole town knows and brings cookies to during the holidays. Well, we have one giant, delicious cookie for Morpheus as we take a look at some of his accomplishments and talk to him about his time here on the Vine.

Since Morpheus has been on the vine he's amassed over 11,000 points in the wiki section of the site. 2,100 of those points are from the Silver Surfer page and 1,800 are from the Duncan MacLeod page... THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! He's helped edit 196 pages here on the vine. He may not be a top contributor, but he still puts a good deal of effort into the pages.

Morpheus is an unsung hero of the vine, believe it or not. He spends quite a bit of time moderating the forums to make sure the crazies keep their distance from the good people of the vine AKA the people reading this. While his accomplishments may not be seen by every single person on the site, the staff and other mods know that he's working hard to keep this site a fun and friendly atmosphere for every single user. Above everything else, we should be thanking him and congratulating him. All right, it's time to interview the man himself. Will he be able to face my flurry of questions in this week's interview? (Probably)

Inferiorego: Welcome to the prestigious world of the Comic Vine Community Star. How does it feel to win this award?

Morpheus: Somewhat odd, since I don't feel nearly as deserving as some of the past winners.

IE: Then we can agree to disagree. You've been here for a a while now, and as a moderator, what do you spend most of your days doing on the vine?

MO: Ensuring others conform to rules of the site that they are otherwise unaware exist. But nah. I'm mostly having a good time chatting about comics in various sections, primarily the battles forum.

IE: And making sure Storm always wins, right? Anyway how did you find out about Comic Vine?

MO: Accidentally, while looking up some characters.

IE: That's one aspect of this site that I love (and not just because I work here). You start off just looking a few things up, and you end up on here everyday for the rest of your life. So why did you pick the name "Morpheus" for your user-name?

MO: Due to the main character in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, Dream of the Endless, aka Morpheus.

IE: What was the first comic book you ever read?

MO: Amazing Spider-Man # 350, Spidey fighting Doctor Doom. I may had read some Spider-Man issues before that, but it's the first I distinctly recall reading.

IE: What series are you currently reading?

MO: A great many of them, but I'd give a nod to Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force, Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man, and Scott Snyder's Batman.

IE: What is your favorite comic series of all time and why?

MO: Neil Gaiman's Sandman. At its core, I'd say it concerns the personal journey of Dream, who is the personification of dreams, and his ability, or rather, inability, to accept change in himself and his friends, lovers, and dysfunctional family as the series progresses, all of which I strongly resonated with in my first reading. The timeless nature of the character provided Gaiman a vast palette to draw upon, and the series is simply wonderful, as a result.

IE: If you were on a plane and it was going down and you had mere minutes left to live, what would you do?

MO: My reaction would likely vary depending on the potential inevitability of the situation. If I thought there would be a chance of coming alive out, no matter how slim, I'd pursue it. If, however, I was absolutely positive of my upcoming demise, I'd try to leave some sort of small message to some of the people closest to me. Then spend the last minute or two sitting comfortably and sipping some wine. If I'm going to die, I may as well do it in style.

IE: Who's better looking John Stamos or George Clooney?

MO: Since my initial reaction to the name John Stamos was, "John who?" I guess George wins.

IE: You don't know John Stamos? Uncle Jesse and The Rippers? The Smash Club? You know... The guy with the nice hair from Full House? That being said, who'd win in a fight, John Stamos or George Clooney?

MO: Same as above.

IE: Looks like we're agreeing to disagree yet again. Well Morpheus, thanks for being a part of the community star award, any last words?

MO: Here's looking at you, kid.

Awesome week for the community star award! We'll see you guys next week for our last award winner of 2011! Prepare for danger, more danger, and excitement! Bye Bye!

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You're welcome.

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way to go!!!

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Congratulations Morph! This was incredibly well deserved.

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Congratulations! I'm glad that you won Community Star. You deserve it.

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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Congrats Morph.

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MODSQUAD!!! Congrats Morph!

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Yes at last! Congratulations to a well deserved award Morpheus! :)

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About damn time! Congrats!

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@InnerVenom123 said:

About damn time! Congrats!


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@entropy_aegis said:

@InnerVenom123 said:

About damn time! Congrats!


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John Stamos? I lol'd.

Congratulations Morpheus!

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Congrats to you sir!

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very deserving, congrats!!!

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In true fashion, I take full credit for all of his achievements and the win despite a lack luster vote.

Either way, it's about damn time.

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Congratulations, Morpheus.

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GRRREAT Job their dude, I also didnt know who John Stamos was either haha, then when he made the Full House reff i rolled my eyes bc then i knew he was talking about.

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You deserve this, and should have been awarded with this highest of honours quite some time ago.

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Um, first, fantastic and I mean wow innuendo there IF.

And Morpheus, congratulations and deserved round. Thank you for everything anytime you were there and all the riveting conversation.

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Not that you deserved it bu--

Who am I kidding, I voted for you, Congrats MOFOE!!!!

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Congrats Morph.

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Congratulations Morpheus!

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Thank you all.
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Congratulations man!

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Contratulations on winning yay :D

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You have served cosmic consonance well

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Congrats, about time!

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Awesome! ::golf clap::

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Congrats Morph ^_^

PS You don't know John Stamos? Even I know him :P

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Congratulations Morpheus! And next time, try to remember that John Stamos is the ex-husband of Mystique ala X-Men movies....


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GREAT work! Congratulations Morph!!!

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Congrats man, totally deserved

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Congrats :)

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Congrats Morpheus! :D