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There's no denying the overwhelming number of votes for this week's winner of the Comic Vine Community Star, InnerVenom123! InnerVenom123 has been a member of Comic Vine since November 6th, 2008, and he continues to be a staple of the community through the various contributions he has made in enriching the site, making it a fun place to be.

Many of the users on Comic Vine write blogs about their favorite characters, story arcs or what really irks them about their favorite books; but not many write the same things in their blogs as InnerVenom123 does. InnerVenom123has practically dedicated his entire blog section to writing scripts featuring characters like Deadpool, Moon Knight and Hybrid. After reading some of his stories, you know, we bet InnerVenom123 could actually write a really, really awesome comic. Take, for example, the finale of his Deadpool: Operation "Oh, S#@%!" where, within the first few pages of his script, he captures the very first pages both the rebelious nature of the character as well as his sense of humor. The jokes are on point, making references to past creators (I loved when Deadpool yells out "EXCELSIOR").

== TEASER ==

InnerVenom123 should definitely consider taking his scripts to a convention and pitching them to Marvel if he hasn't done so already; he's got some really fantastic ideas. You can read the various scripts he's written here: Deadpool: Operation "OH S#@&!" parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Moon Knight: Shadowmoon parts 1, 2, and 3, World War Symbiote: THE HYBRID parts 1 and 2, and finally World War Symbiote parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6! That is a crazy amount of stories!

If you couldn't tell by his name, InnerVenom123 is a huge Venom fan. He loves Venom so much that he's reviewed practically all of the new Venom books from Marvel, and you can check out some of those reviews here. Our personal favorite is his review of the fifth issue of Venom which you can read here. InnerVenom123 has also contributed to our wiki database and submitted edits to various different characters like Eddie Brock (99 points), Maria Castle (107 points), Zombie Deadpool (80 points) and many more.

InnerVenom123 has definitely contributed a lot to Comic Vine, but what we feel makes him stand out the most is his creativity. InnerVenom123's creativity is what we feel makes him such a great asset to our community, so thank you for sharing your awesome stories with us, InnerVenom123 -- and don't ever stop writing! Make sure to head to InnerVenom123's page and leave a comment on his wall so he knows just how awesome he is.

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Go Venom!

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Way to go!

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Well Done!

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Wondering when youd win

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I thought he would have won this before now. Congrats mate.

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F*ck yeah, congrats. 

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Way to go bro you deserve it :)

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Congrats! Here's something I found I think you'll like!

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Well done, my friend, you deserve it!

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Congrats dude

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Good stuff, you put the max back in Maximus Decimus Meridius

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Yes! Congrats InnerVenom123, U DEFINETLY DESERVE THIS!!! =D

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Nice, Nice, way to go mate! Congratulations!
What I've always wondered. Do you like Venom / the entire idea behind the being, or mainly the character of the Venom we all learned to know: Eddie Brock as Venom.
And if it's because of Eddie, do you like Anti-Venom more because of that ?_?

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WAY TO GO, IV!!!!!!! :D Keep writing them fanfics.

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Job well done Venom, love your fanfics

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Congrats, InnerVenom123!

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YEAH INNERVENOM! AT LONG LAST! Well deserved Community Star.

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The venom star

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Congrats on being Community Star

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Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll yes!

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Zach is an ass!

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Brainzzzzzzzzzzsssssssssss! *presents a trolley that looks like Brian Michael Bendis filled with brains* Congrats!!  
Have appreciated your amazing humor, ability to laugh and joke around, and your willingness to point out the stupidity or ignorance of so many of the trolls in Off Topic since day one of setting foot at CV! Also huge fan of your writing! Congrats Innervenom, mad kudos! *toothy smile*

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Nicely done IV123!

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Well Deserved Keep it up.

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Finally you see Innervenom's greatness. Now you need to see abnormally warm guy

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Dude you are awesome...

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: @Neverpraying: @Hameyadea: @homeslice: @TheVenomSite: @TheCheeseStabber: @spiderbat87: @cyberninja: @pulseangel666: @Mr. Dead Pool: @DarkChris: @cattlebattle: @RazzaTazz: @mr.obvious: @Samimista: @venomoushatred1001: @difficlus: @Decept-O: @SpidermanWins: @CaptainCockblock: @moywar700: @haydenclaireheroes: @_Whisper_: @The Poet: @Blue_Shield: @CombatSpoon86: @Haustyl12: @Deadcool:

Thanks everyone! :D I couldn't be more happy with this!

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@Enzeru said:

Nice, Nice, way to go mate! Congratulations! What I've always wondered. Do you like Venom / the entire idea behind the being, or mainly the character of the Venom we all learned to know: Eddie Brock as Venom. And if it's because of Eddie, do you like Anti-Venom more because of that ?_?


I love Venom as Venom. I also love Eddie Brock. They're both awesome. There's really no picking. ^_^

@KasadyCarnage said:

Zach is an ass!

Yes I am, Kevin. Yes I am. :P

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Well deserved!

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AWESOME! Definitely deserved it bro.

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Fantastic! ^_^ Nice work Venom!

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:

Congrats! Here's something I found I think you'll like!

Nope he won't like it at all,and congrats IV.

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Awesome! Awesome! 

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Congratulations! It does my heart good to know that there are fellow hard-core Venom fans out there.

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awesome! well done!

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Shoot him, Venom!

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(A little sick of using the @reply button over and over, so just wanna say again: Thanks for the congrats everyone!)

Oh, and thank you so much for complimenting my script in this, Babs! You picked my favorite line! Love it! :)

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Sweet! I always like seeing that the community star is someone that I've talked to before.

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InnerVenom123 is my dude. S/O to that guy.

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Congrats :)
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Well done, bro!

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Congrats, Well desvered.