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Ahoy to all the viners out there on the seven seas of the internet! Welcome to the Comic Vine Community Star! Each week we highlight one amazing member of the Comic Vine Community, show you all the cool things they've done, and then interview them to make them feel as uncomfortable as possible!

This week we honor the main man behind Comic Vine! The man who helped turn this site into the mecca it is today! This wee we honor Tony "G-Man" Guerrero! Everyone should know that G-Man is the Editor-in-Chief here at the vine and one of the reasons we all have a place to go when we're on the net.

Since Comic Vine's inception, G-man has given us hundreds (probably thousands) of news articles, videos, and reviews about the world of comics, and let's not forget that almost everyday, we get an Off My Mind article from him as well. He never stops working for the site... literally. I've talked to him at 5 am on a Sunday (Pacific time) and he's already up and going for CV. He's the most dedicated guy I've ever met, and he truly loves what he does.

I sat down with Tony for a one-on-one interview which reached epic proportions. It was so epic, in fact, that the original interview caused earthquakes, so we did a second interview, which only caused minor tremors.

Hello great and wonderful G-Man! How are you on this possibly fine day depending on what climate you currently consider your home?

  • I'm and completely fine and dandy. Dandy in a good way, of course.

Let's get right to the meat, how did you become involved with Comic Vine?

  • Ethan Lance and Dave Snider wanted to do a comic site. They needed my comic book expertise and my willingness to run the site while I was teaching high school math. I was the only one still reading and collecting comics.

Do you have any favorite moments from working at the vine?

  • All my times with you. It's been a blast. Going to conventions is like meeting up with old friends. After talking to the creators often, you build friendships and it's great knowing them on a different level. Working with Sara is cool as well.
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What got you interested in comic books?

What was the first comic book you read?

  • When I was five, I was given a DC comic with Superman and Flash racing. Problem was, it was in Spanish so I couldn't read it.

We all know that Mike Allred is your favorite artist. Do you remember the first time you saw his work?

  • It was the first story. I remember he ate a guy's eyeball. Then felt bad about it.

Did you nerd out the first time you met him?

  • I sorta did. The only time I have. Luckily he wasn't ready for an interview just yet so I came back later when he was ready and I regained my composure.

What is your favorite comic book character?

Overall, what is your favorite comic book story arc and why?

  • My favorite story might be the X-Men graphic novel, GOD LOVES, MAN KILLS. It was one of the first I read and very powerful for the time.

What's your favorite scene in the movie Demolition Man?

  • The end credits.

Seriously? Why does it seem like I am the only person in the world that likes that film? Who would win in a fight: Biff Tannen or Simon Phoenix?

  • Depends on which Biff Tannen you're talking about, from which time period.

How many comics, on average, do you think you read a week?

  • 20-30

What book, currently, do you look most forward to?

Out of all the conventions you look forward to, which one do you like the most and why?

  • SDCC. It's the ultimate convention.

What's the weirdest interview you've ever done with a creator?

  • When I was tricked into interviewing that Batman XXX director. (It's on youtube).
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Quick: You're on a plane and it's about to go down. You have 5 minutes left. What do you do?

  • Check my email? And text/call my wife and daughter to tell them I love 'em.

Any last word for the viners out there?

  • I love you all.

Thank you so much for keeping this site run in tip-top shape and being the super-awesome guy you've always been. Give your congrats and thanks to Tony and we'll see you next week!

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Congrats, G-Man.
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@TheGoldenOne said:

Congrats, G-Man.
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It's about time!!! Congrats G-Man!!! :D

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Woooooo go G-Man. Comic Vine would defo not be the same without you. :D

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Yeah G-Man! We love you too dude!

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Congrats G-Man

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This wee we honor

You said wee wee *snicker* 
Congratz G-Man, long time coming
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Nice job!

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hehe, yea, definitely about time G-Man got this one :)

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You hero. Hails to all at the vine.

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Ah this is real cool

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@TheGoldenOne said:

Congrats, G-Man.
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Awesome, congrats! :)

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Congrats-a-roni, G-Man! Well played.

Lord knows I've bothered this man too many times with insipid questions and comments but he usually manages to take time to answer anything I've had to say.

His knowledge about comic books, stories, creators and most anything pertaining to the genre is extensive and very impressive. I am glad he got involved with running this site and is still involved. I hope he continues.

Things have changed with the site but I've been with it awhile simply because G-Man has been such an important part of it all.

You can't have greatness without the "G".

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Congrats, Tony!

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Congrats, the all time greatest DUDER in the whole wide Inter-Web!!!!

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have inferiorego and babs been done yet?

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Just interviewing the guy that directed Batman XXX gives G-Man the right to the Community Star Award. I wouldn't be able to stand near the guy knowing what he's done to my second favourite superhero! Oh and congratulations on a well deserved award for your outstanding contribution to the site G-Man!

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@KnightRise: babs has, but im not sure if inferiorego has, but he deserves it too!

congrats G-Man

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Congrats, keep up the great job! ;)

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Aw Yeah G-Man!! :D about time and congrats :3

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you deserve it

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Congrats Tony, hope your e-mail is not filled with spam when you check it on the way down from your plane crash.

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you have done us all a great service by agreeing to do this site. i thank you for that and hope you enjoy your site as much as I (we) do. cheers!

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Congrats G-man... wow you got to interview the Comic Book Porno dude lol

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There isn't a person on the Vine who deserves it more than G-man!! Congratulations and thanks for making my favorite site on the internet.

also Demolition Man is one of the best films ever made

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Who is G-Man???

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@KnightRise said:

have inferiorego and babs been done yet?

No, but only because I hold all the power in the community star court, and I have a vendetta against Babs for beating me in a race around the world back in 09.

She will win eventually, and I will give her the most awkward interview of all time.

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Congrats G-man your testament to the business.

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You're always the community star to me G-Man.

Be Well, Mat Elfring

Moderator Online
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I really appreciate all the hard work you put into the site G-man!! You are a star now!

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Demolition Man is awesome

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Hmmm....GMan....Never heard of him x3

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Nice work G-Man :)

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I think deserves this more :P

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God Loves, Man Kills is one of my favorites too.

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Never heard of him.

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Well done! Congratulations!

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Congrats, G-Man! You're the Man!

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Congrats! :)

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i have the batman xxx parody, its campy lol

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Wait... Is that valid? Whatever, good job Tony (yikes your name remembers me Iron Man... the movie's one) you're THE man here.

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Pfff! Tony is so awesome this post doesn't cover how awesome he is.

Congrats G-Man! We all love you too!

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I am just new here, but congratulations

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This is very deserved. During my early days on the CV, G-Man was there to answer questions and help out, Thanks G-Man!

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Finally, some justice for the big chief.