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Last week we had the uncommon occurrence of having voting upon for Community Star open on Wednesday as opposed to the regular day but then fate stood in the way as our Community Star ringleader Sara Lima came down with a cold.  The brakes were thrown on to the process as Sara needed to rest up and recuperate.  With her return to near health this week we are back into the thick of things with the great nomination of Cosmo as this week’s winner, but I suggest that we retroactively award last week’s award to the Queen of the Vine – Babs.  

Sara is a self-professed later-in-life comic book fanatic, but she has sure left her mark on Comic Vine since joining three years ago.  She has progressed from regular user to moderator and then to staff.  What has she done for the site?  Maybe better to answer what she hasn’t done for the site (which I guess would be wiki editing.)  Seriously though, she is a work horse here logging hour well beyond what most of us see in a 9 to 5 job.  And if G-Man is the brains of the Vine, and IE is the soul then Babs is definitely the heart (no shutouts to Red L.A.M.P. because he already won community star once).   When I first got here this past February I was pretty much addicted to this site from the start, but as I got to looking at things more closely and understanding the system, I got to see how much work goes on behind the scenes – G-Man working on the daily articles and reviews and lots of other things, IE doing the same, Red L.A.M.P. with his tireless work for the wiki and Babs with her insightful articles and videos.  As a fellow Wonder Woman fan I felt a connection with Babs from the beginning but in the following weeks two articles really hit home with me – the closer look at Superman #708 and more importantly the Comic Vine eulogy for Dwayne McDuffie.  I knew from then on that Comic Vine was a place where you could both enjoy comics and appreciate them.

Since that point everything which Babs (and the rest of the staff) has only gone to highlight how much they work to make things here enjoyable for all of us.  Babs has always been very approachable and friendly to all new users, and when the site made the move away from weekly news videos and into staff reviews, Babs made the transition as seamlessly as the rest of them.  Since the Spring she has been working on recognizing those of us worthy of recognition in the thread for Community Star and now I think it is time we turn the light back on her, with the retroactive Community Star for Nov. 25.  Who is with me? (by the way, only “yes” votes will be counted)

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Great idea, and initiative, I am with you, and those are two great thread examples you linked to. I vote yes. 

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All Hail the Queen!!!

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Retroactive stars are the best kind of stars!

Congratulations Babs and well deserved.

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I vote for Vance Astro.

He deserves it for more reasons than I can list. Check him out.

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She was a commoner like us and was so good she lifted herself through the ranks to become a staff member. She is also a twitter buddy (not really).

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This is well deserved! I know this is you job and all, Babs, but thanks for dedicating so much time and effort to this site!

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Definitely!!! 0_0

I was thinking a week or to ago that Babs should win as well - then I noticed Someone voting for her and realised I wasn't the only one.

Now this.

YES YES YES! 1000 times yes!

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Well Deserved!

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Babs's awesome. I don't always agree with her opinion, but she would totally deserve it.

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I completely second this.

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@SC said:

Great idea, and initiative, I am with you, and those are two great thread examples you linked to. I vote yes.

@difficlus said:

All Hail the Queen!!!

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Absolutely. I had thought this would  have already happened. That's quite an oversight. Needs to be made right.

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I strongly agree with this! Babs is incredible and does so much for the site.

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Sara Lima is one of the most active people I've ever had the privileged to meet. I agree that she is more deserving than any of us here on the site, especially because she makes this site her life by working on it, but I don't think we should take the spotlight away from cosmo111687 but rather, be sure to spotlight Babs for the next Community Star.

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I don't see why not. Everyone deserves the love.

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well isn't this nice

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Razz this is very sweet of you and it was just brought to my attention by another user. Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate it and thanks for acknowledging what I have done but I don't think I should be a Community Star. :) You are so sweet though. Thanks everyone for the nice things you said! ^^

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@Babs said:

I don't think I should be a Community Star.

Too bad. I think the "yeas" have it. I also say yes and join the masses of retroactive bestowers of this Community Star.

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I think it is a great idea for Babs to be a community star. Great idea Razz

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I say yes  

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@Babs: You're welcome, but I figured that you wouldn't want to be one, that is why I figured you should get it retroactively to fit into a week where there was no other winner.  That way the community can recognize you while not directly out of the spotlight ;)  Anyway we all appreciate what you do for the site, so officially or not, you are still a star in our eyes ;)
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You guys are fake Babs fans. You didn't even wear your Babs avatars when she was sick. Clowns.

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@Vance Astro said:

You guys are fake Babs fans. You didn't even wear your Babs avatars when she was sick. Clowns.

I had a Babs avatar before having a Babs avatar was cool. =P

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@RazzaTazz said:

@Babs: ... Anyway we all appreciate what you do for the site, so officially or not, you are still a star in our eyes ;)

It's official trust me. Babs was the first Community Star Of Comicvine. The title was just never given yet because it was known law. Seriously shes been awarded and had threads dedicated to her for as long as I've been here. Technically Babs is THE Community Star, and all aliases roll in falsetto when trying to stand at her summit.

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Loves comics, loves video games, very engaging, and very attractive.

What's not to love about this young lady?