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After a fairly busy voting period the results are in for Comic Vine 2012 Comic Awards and Community Recognition (hosted by myself and ! For the comic side of the results check out: Comic Vine 2012 Comic Awards! Now, who did the community pick from among themselves for the best contributors of the past year? Well read on. Just as a reminder voting worked like this - a first place vote was worth 3pts, a second place vote was worth 2pts, and a third place vote was worth 1 pt. There were a lot of votes and a lot of points, and there were quite a few categories with more than thirty people nominated.


1st - Deranged Midget

2nd - CitizenBane

3rd - HaydenClaireHeroes

Fan Fiction Writers

1st (tie) - BatKevin74

1st (tie) - Joygirl

3rd - Wildvine


1st - RAMSIllustrations

2nd (tie) - SC

2nd (tie) - Tonis


1st - Deranged Midget

2nd - YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

3rd (tie) - JediXMan

3rd (tie) - ThanosRules

Best Debater (Battles!)

1st - god_spawn

2nd - Killemall

3rd - Floopay

Best RPG

1st - The Roman

2nd - Gambler

3rd - Mercy

Most Helpful

1st - The Poet

2nd - Pikahyper

3rd (tie) - Deranged Midget

3rd (tie) - IcarusFlies

Most Hard Working

1st - The Poet

2nd (tie) - X35

2nd (tie) - Pikahyper

Friendliest Member

1st - Samimista

2nd - Lykopis

3rd - BumpyBoo

Funniest Member

1st - Deadpoolrules

2nd (tie) - StMichalofWilson

2nd (tie) - Illturacy

Craziest Member

1st - CapFanboy

2nd (tie) - NickZambuto

2nd (tie) - Deadpoolrules

Favorite Moderator

1st - The Poet

2nd - Deranged Midget

3rd - IcarusFlies

Coolest New Member

1st - BumpyBoo

2nd - YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

3rd - YoungJustice

Most Community Involved

1st - The Poet

2nd - YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

3rd - CaioTrubat

Most Addicted to the Vine

1st - KingSaturn

2nd - TheCannon

3rd (tie) - YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

3rd (tie) - ComicMan24

Easiest to Agree With

1st - Deranged Midget

2nd (tie) - Lykopis

2nd (tie) - Samimista

That's it! Thanks for everyone that voted. Congratulations to everyone that was mentioned and thanks to everyone that wasn't. Comic Vine is all of us, and we all make it what it is, so everyone of you is deserving of some praise for a fun and memorable 2012! So Merry Christmas and let's make 2013 another one to remember!!

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**blushes** Aw, shucks....this is pretty darn awesome, thanks you guys. I feel all...sniff...all emotional! **hugs every damn one of you individually** ^_^

Congratulations everyone, nice to see some well deserved recognition going around. And thanks to too for working so hard to make this a proper community and reward people for being awesome :D

OMG look!! And congratulations ^_^

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Wow, I'm surprised I didn't get first in most comic vine addicted.

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Congrats everyone. ^_^

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Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you to those who voted. It's so nice for everyone to have this opportunity to reflect back on the year and I am not surprised so many categories had 30 plus users nominated. This clearly shows how many wonderful people are part of this community.

That, plus too many reasons to mention make me humbled to have been nominated at all, let alone be part of the top three in two categories. To my fellow winners, @BumpyBoo,@Samimista and @Deranged Midget - I am honoured to be listed among you and to everyone on the vine, thank you.

Thank you so very, very much.

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Thanks guys for voting for me for Best Blogs. I really appreciate people recognizing my work. Comic Vine has the best community in the world and glad that Razz did this

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I feel so honored.

Thank you everyone xD

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*twirls hair*

I am so perfect.


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I Thank You All


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good job :)

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How dare you not recognize my Moderating skillz. Check your stockings CV community, Gambler Claus is handing out Bans this Christmas --___--

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This is rigged I tell yah!!

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Congratulations everyone on some well deserved wins!

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Craziest Member
1st - CapFanboy
2nd (tie) - NickZambuto
2nd (tie) - Deadpoolrules

Oh...thanks guys.

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@Samimista said:

Oh my gosh! I am honestly surprised right now. Wow! I didn't think I was gonna win anything. Aw. Thank you so much everyone. =D

and - Hooray! We are the Powerpuff Girls! =D The three sisters together. ^__^ *group hug*

@lykopis said:


Aw!!! **belated group hug**

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Congrats everyone!!

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@Gambler: Now now
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/so sad

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If I didn't do this, you would have bugged me til I did :P.

Best Debater (Battles!)
1st - god_spawn
2nd - Killemall
3rd - Floopay

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@god_spawn said:

If I didn't do this, you would have bugged me til I did :P.

Best Debater (Battles!)
1st - god_spawn
2nd - Killemall
3rd - Floopay

hahah , i laughed so hard cant say i wasnt expecting that :p

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@Killemall: And congratulations on 2nd place. Not saying that in a sarcastic or bragging tone, just in case you or anyone else thought that. I mean it.

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@god_spawn said:

@Killemall: And congratulations on 2nd place. Not saying that in a sarcastic or bragging tone, just in case you or anyone else thought that. I mean it.

Thanks and lol i know you arent, i have known you well enough to know when you are actually bragging :p. And if you know me, i would have asked you to put CM punk gif sooner or later :p

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@Killemall: This just solidifies my debater round 3 championship win >:D.

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@god_spawn: Lol I was just about to ask you for a victory speech, then I saw all the WWF Gifs

@Killemall: Great work on getting second place.

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how come i am not mentioned? : (

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@god_spawn: There really was never much of a doubt, you deserved to win, and you did (although i initially thought it would come down to you vs Bane , and that i though could have gone either way).

@laflux: Thanks appreciate it :)

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Maybe next year

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Congrats everyone

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@laflux: Sometimes a moving image is better than a speech :P.

@Killemall: I think it would have been a pretty close decision regardless of who was voted in. The battle forum is a rather big place and some people may have been voted for because people wished to vote for them vs voting for them because they should and deserved it. I think the results are pretty accurate for the most part but any one of us could have easily been swapped out by some other user considering there is a fair share of great debaters like Deranged Midget, Hyper God, CitizenBane, Super Soldier, Slim, TheAcidSkull, Lvenger, Jashro44 etc.

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@RazzaTazz: Thanks much.

Thanks for reading,


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Heh,what can I say,all the girls know DPR is the best ride around.Catch-a-Ri--.Oh,I just realised that was an insult...Seriously now,thanks all of you,I had a great year here.

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Darn didn't win anything, so I'm giving myself an award I just created now it's the "Favorite member named after a 30 Rock character" award.

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How did Hectorsquall get over looked? Has to be 1 of the top 3 most helpful!

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With all the amazing writing talent here on CV, i am honored (If not a bit surprised) to be counted among two of the greats.

Congrats to everyone who won.

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Wait a second...Best RPGer? First place? Damn...

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I just wanted to say thank you for posting the winners and thanks to anyone that voted me in, I really appreciate the support and hope to have some new art posted soon! :D

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Where is Rai on these lists!

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