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What's upp Comic Fans! I go by the name Raw Material on Comic Vine and live on the island of Hawaii. Some of favorite hobbies are surfing and collecting comics, particularly Geoff Johns' "The Green Lantern" & "Aquaman" series. My favorite era is of the Silver Age, more specifically the rebirth of Hal Jordan who is one of the greatest and important member of the Green Lantern Corps. The title was written by Geoff Johns who worked alongside artists, Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis to create the masterpiece of DC stories, in the time of 2005-2011. I believe this on-going series from Geoff Johns has some of the best story arcs in comic book history, some including the events of the Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, & Brightest Day. On my spare time, I really enjoy reviewing the newest and current issues of DC & Marvel titles. You can view some of my work in the review section of my page, where you'll stumble upon reviews of the newest issues of current titles in both Marvel NOW! and DC's "The New 52". Some of the well-known critics coming from Comic Vine and CBR were some of the few that got me to love the work of reviewing comics and giving it a say, helping others choose their comic of choice to place in the pull-list of readings. I really don't take joy in criticizing those comics that give the average comic reader no fixed attention into picking up the next issue, especially if "that" issue has no conclusion giving a viewer somewhat of a curiosity to wait for the future issues. My reviews are from the newest and popular issues, particularly from the DC & Marvel titles, as you'll hardly see reviews of mine rating "3 stars" or below, unless if that issue was hyped up by critics to becoming one that everyone should anticipate. Check out my reviews and recommend it to others!