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anyone know someone i could send a comic idea to

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If its a plot for a Marvel or DC comic, I advise you to save it for later.

I had a comic plot submission get rejected a few years ago only to see the same general story as a recent comic.

The best advice I can give you is to search online for Independent publishers, find out the editor's name and submit your plot to them. Make sure you format your submission correctly. There are workshops online to help you with that. Probably on the same page you find all of the submission addresses.

Once you get your foot in the door with an independent publisher, give them your best work. If it is worthy, the mainstream comic fans will pick it up and start spreading your reputation via word of mouth. Maybe then when Marvel or DC comes calling on you to work in their respective playgrounds, that's when you pull out your ever-so-cool story plot and feed it to them on your own terms. :)

Good luck, at any rate.
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yeah ill do that i want to see if my profile could if corrected and done right could even be somehting that would be done as a comic

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Write your own comic and hire a kid in your class to draw it, then ask your local comic store to stock it free. After rejection, go home in tears, wait a few weeks, then try again.

That's my system.

That's right, I'm an indie publisher.

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well i dont have any class amtes who can draw cause i dot see anyoff them cause in college but theirs gotta be a drawing class their maybe