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How do you manage your pulll list? Does the price affect your decision? Would you go for a digital copy ahead of a paper copy because its cheaper or do you go for the paper one because you get something to hold? Will you buy for a creator or do buy because you like the character? Will you wait until the trade because its cheaper or do you buy single copies to support a series? Just curious by the way, as I realised I seem to be all over the place with my logic. I get avengers because I love Hickman, I get the digi copies of batman even tho that extra is a rip off, I get pepper copies (but that's cheaper than digi copies because of the exchange rate, but I'll buy a whole series of $0.99 issues in marvel sales) , I'm waiting for the trade of hawkeye even though I should support it but also waiting on all new xmen trade, buying red hood and thunderbolts for the character and premise of title etc Does anyone else have a method when buying titles?

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Right now I buy 7 titles all costing $2.99. I'm gong to add Hawkeye ($2.99) to my list. Two of my titles (Deathstroke & Savage Hawkman) are getting canceled. I'm interested in Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron but with the $3.99 price for both I'm not sure if I want to add the to my list. I also buy back issues.

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Since I have to use my parents money, I keep my monthly comic book expense under $25. I pick the titles I like and I don't buy digital comics. If I get some free digital books I'll take it and read it on someone's tablet when given the chance, but I greatly prefer print. For older series I want to catch up on, I buy trades/omnibuses on Amazon cheap.

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@catsnlynne: Totally get where you're coming from, I think with Marvel though I think along the lines of the more expensive comics do also come with the digital copy. It's another reason why I think Marvel have a better digital strategy, giving away the digi-copies rather than charging the extra, it gets people into the ecosystem. Once they've downloaded the comics app and viewed the free copy, they may then buy other copies in the marvel mondays.

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Since my dad buys me comics via an online subscription, I keep the number of comics I buy to 8. In total it makes £17 but £4 postage bumps it up to 21. Still the subscription I'm on is cheaper than a single monthly cost for comics.

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I buy what I can afford, and download the rest, simple as that.