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So, I'd like to have a centralized archival list for my comic book collection. Right now I just have spreadsheets that I edit, but I'd rather have something a little more elegant than that. Does anyone have any recommendations on any software that they use or that they know someone uses? I've seen options online and people talk about a few products but they all seem a little "low quality". Another reason for me to do this is that I keep a list in my wallet of the back issues I am always on the look for. Having a program that maybe printed out issues I was missing would be helpful and would also be more organized.

Any suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated.

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I use a software just simply titled "Comic Collector" and it's from the people who run a site called Collectorz.com. I like them well enough, and they are fairly easy to use. It has a free trial that you can use to see if you like it. It also has a standard and a pro-edition. The software also allows you to scan the comic in by barcode, and you can get a barcode scanner to do that, or you can use their smartphone app (which is what I use). It's not too expensive for the standard edition ($30) and the Pro edition is only about $20 more. Anyway, feel free to check it out. Here's the link: http://www.collectorz.com/comic/

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I've come across that but never spoken with anyone personally who has used it. Thanks for the input. The ability to add comics via barcode scanner would be infinitely faster and more efficient. Thanks for the heads up, Delphic.

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@Sammo21: Sure no problem. Hope you find what you need.