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In an attempt to elucidate the truth of this question, I pose it to the massess?

which is more important to YOU the members of COMICvine????

Comic books? or Video games?

oh, and no prevaricating (although I realize that's difficult for some)

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Hmm...I can't speak for everyone else, but I would say comic books...Ubster, what's prevaricating mean?

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Gottheit says:

"Hmm...I can't speak for everyone else, but I would say comic books...Ubster, what's prevaricating mean?"

Prevaricate, is an advanced word for...LYING...;)

and YOU my friend, at the very least, have my respect for being a COMIC fan...first!

You'd think the site was called 'Videovine'...based on the amount of video game threads...:(

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The Godhead says:

"True dat, man. I mean, don't get me wrong: I have nothing against video games. I mean, Mortal Kombat, GTA, and the Evil Dead games are all that keep me sane sometimes, but ater completing them, you feel like you've just wasted however many hours. I mean, I dunno, when I beat Zelda, there was nothing there, emotion wise. Now, when I finished Watchmen, by Alan Moore? Different story friend, believe me..."

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I figure, given recent events that this thread deserves to be bumped. So, Comicvine or Giantbomb?

Edit: Or both?
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haha im yet to even look at that site. guess comic books. but i am really excited for the new fallout 3 so i guess we will see when it comes out if i change my mind

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Well...since I like comics slightly more than games (plus adding to that fact that most of my games are comic-based) and that CV's community is tighter and more user-friendly, I give it to CV ^^

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My brain is hurting!!  Can't.....decide......comics.....video...games.........  CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Videogames based on comics.............

Comics are first, but I like the games too.

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I like both, but comics are more important to me now.

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Comic books. Easy. But i still love both sites.

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Comics easy they are more important and carry far greater weight than a video game which is fun for the moment but a great story is timeless and never a waste of time.

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I really don't play very much video games anymore, but I still read a lot of comics. I just enjoy comics much more.

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I am more involved with comics but i'm currently in school for game art and development so....I would say they are about equal for me.

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I don't really have a choice, they're more like variety. You get god games, you get good comics, you get bad games, you get bad comics.
Unless i compare specific comics to specific video games, i can't make up my mind. :p

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i would reather them stay comics but the odd one has been good such as superman ,spiderman and the punisher game wasent bad

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Comic books get abused by the cleaning lady the valuable ones

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Comic Book over Video game any day.But it is fun to talk about both..