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Hello guys I'm new to reading comics books the only one I have at the moment is "Wolverine Goes To Hell (Hard Back)" I was just wondering is there any other issues I should read or recommend me one. The characters I like are Captain America, Deadpool, Hulk, X-men or could you recommend any one else?

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If you like Wolverine, read Wolverine Origins, Get Mystique, Weapon X, Enemy of the State, Old Man Logan.

For Hulk, I'd recommend anything from Greg Pak's run on Hulk. It's all spectacular: Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, World War Hulk's, etc

Captain America, I'd have to say: Civil War, Captain America No More, Death of Captain America (Bucky takes the mantle), Man out of Time, War and Remembrance, and the Ultimates.

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The Civil War story arc is highly recommended.

Also Daniel Way's Deadpool series.

The 'Hulk Smash' comic books are good as well but that depends wether you want to get comic books or graphic novels.

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If you like Cap, I would start with Brubakers run that starts in 2004 I believe. It leads into Civil War and the first issues really lead into everything that has happened to Cap since then including the introduction of the Winter Soldier. Thats where I started and when I got to Civil War, I started to pick up some of the tie in books that interested me and it led me to a couple other titles.