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I have a friend who goes to the same comic store as me but when he asks the guy a question on where to find a comic the guy takes a long time to answer it like he doesn't want to get up from his computer and help someone.Also the guy says words like UM,I DON'T KNOW,MAYBE.Here is a typical conversation with him: Friend:Do you have part 1 of the spider man torment story arc? Comic book guy:"SIGH"....Well...UM...you might have to check in the spider man box....but if it isn't there....UMMMM....maybe it is in the boxes under the other ones.....UMMMM....It might be on the back shelf I dont know....."SIGH" Share your personal stories and comments on this type of comic store owner

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Luckily, my comic books store owner is great...and incredibly helpful :p Tends to be if they're truly terrible- people change comic stores/buy online.

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@RedQueen: I agree my comic book store owner is very nice also, but if you have a bad experience at a comic book store than you might want to get your comics online

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My comic book owner is awesome! Whenever I visit the store he is always kind and very helpful and we always end up chatting about comic book related stuff.

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My comic book store owner is very hit or miss.

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The owner and staff of my store, Memphis Comics and Collectibles, are spectacular.

They're always helpful in helping you find (or reorder) something you need, and are patient with the uninitiated.

Also, they're great at making recommendations and have turned me on to many great titles (based on what I currently enjoyed) that I otherwise might never have tried.

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Mine can be vulgar and has a habit of thinking everything's out of print, but he's helpful and a good guy. ^_^

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Mine is a nice guy, but he doesn't have any new comics. He deals exclusively in old comics. He actually gave me some for free, how he stays in business i don't know. Although i often say 'keep the change'.... now that i think about it, we have a pretty even exchange ;p

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My guy is awesome.

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The guys at my local comic book store are great. They'll help with any questions and talk about the stuff your buying and give recommendations. Since they also sell cards we usually end up talking baseball for awhile.

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I've gone to 3 stores ever. One had the best staff member ever that told me so much about the best stories related to my favorite characters when I was just starting out! The others are always there to help me search for titles, but usually just chill on the computer. The last one, worst of all was some guy that threw a scratched batman comic in a bag and handed it to me looking me dead in the eye while handing me a damaged comic. He liked to communicate with grunts alot >_>

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Crappy store owner. All the shops near me are great; the owners love to talk comics and help out customers - especially the former.

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I thought mine was awesome and super nice until after getting away with it for 20 years he was finally sent to jail for killing his wife

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@x_29 said:

My comic book store owner is very hit or miss.

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