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I currently have around 15 comic books, all of which are bagged, only 3 of which are boarded. I can't seem to figure out which boards fit the bags, and I also need a decent priced box to store these things. Any suggestions? Currently, I just have them stacked in my closet.

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@markslurpee: Depends on the era of comics. For modern comics you want bags that are around 6.875" x 10.5" and boards that are 6.75" x 10.5". Most bags/board manufacturers will write "current size" or "silver age size" etc on the pack, so should be easy enough to find what you need.

Acid-free longboxes are the storage of choice for most collectors, but for smaller collections, I'm finding regular plastic box-files pretty useful, as they're cheap, easy to find, stackable and they transport well.

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I short comic book with run you only about $4-$6 and should be available at any comic book store. If your comics are recent, modern bags and boards are the way to go. But if they're from different eras, Silver Age bags are boards are a little bigger and can accommodate older, bigger books better.