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Poll: Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING: Which DC Character Deserves a Feature Film? (526 votes)

Aquaman 19%
Cyborg 1%
Flash 18%
Green Arrow 5%
Green Lantern 6%
Hawkgirl 1%
Martian Manhunter 8%
Wonder Woman 41%

DC and Warner Bros. are finally getting around to establishing a shared cinematic universe. It was quite a wait, but we're finally going to see SupermanandBatman together on the big screen. While that's obviously all kinds of exciting, we can't help but look beyond that as well. As we all know, there's so many more iconic characters who are worthy of not only appearing in a film, but also starring in one.

They're obviously aiming to boost Flash's popularity (Flashpoint was turned into an animated film, he's appearing in Arrow and later receiving his own pilot) and reports claim he's the next Justice Leaguer to get a film. However, is he the character you'd want to see for DC's next solo movie? If you were calling the shots, who would you push for and why?

The poll will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. Who deserves that feature film and why? Who'd play as the lead? Would it be an origin story or continue a story from another movie? So on and so on. Make it awesome enough and we just may highlight it if it's about the poll's winner! Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

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The Question!

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Wonder Woman NEEDS to happen, so at least DC has a fighting chance against Marvel's Cinematic beast of a movies.

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Green Lantern or Wonder Woman.

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I thought that a feature film was an animated one, but it is not I want the flash in a motion movie.

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Wonder Woman then Aquaman then Flash.

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Wonder Woman

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Flash, seriously, he will get a TV series but he's in the same level of popularity as Aquaman, he needs more popularity, when you think of an heroine, you think WW, she don't need more popularity, start with the not so popular.

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Wonder Woman, then Aquaman, then Flash, then Martian Manhunter in Justice League.

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im going green lantern. you just have to ignore the abortion that was Ryan Reynolds green lantern.

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Wonder Woman would do more for their future of course, as the general public is most familiar with her (behind Supes and Bats, of course), but I have to vote for Aquaman. He needs a good movie to show people he isn't a joke.

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Wonder Woman or GTFO.

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Since Flash is getting a show I am going to vote Aquaman. An undersea epic starring him and Mera with the cast of Atlanteans would be pretty amazing. He also has a pretty decent rogues gallery that would make a smooth transition to the silver screen.

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I don't think Cyborg, Hawkgirl, or Martian Manhunter could support their own movie. All of the other ones definitely need to get solo films (or in the case of Green Lantern he needs a GOOD movie). I voted for Wonder Woman because as a member of the DC Trinity she really needs a movie asap.

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Wonder Woman is the one that deserves it the most.

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im going green lantern. you just have to ignore the abortion that was Ryan Reynolds green lantern.

Ryan Reynolds as an actor wasn't the was that the story was absolutely awful.

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The Flash would be cool.

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Man of Steel proved the could show super-speed on the big screen. Flash should be up next!

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I think that they need to make a movie about the Justice League as a whole, just so they have a fighting chance against The Avengers...

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Wonder Woman will win, but John Stewart is my choice. He deserves a film as much as anyone.

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Wonder Woman and the Flash. I voted WW, though.

I think DC should take their time with the movieverse. There's no point trying to compete with Marvel in that respect. They should just focus on doing a good job and making it a natural progression.

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Wonder Woman is the only one who truly deserves her own film, though I'd argue that Green Lantern and Aquaman deserves their own films.

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Nightwing.......ugh, Aquaman

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Green Lantern really needs a movie. A GOOD one

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@captain13: True. Chadwick Boseman would be a good choice to play him.

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I would like to see a GOOD GL movie but as who deserves it the most would be WONDER WOMAN

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Wonder Woman.

Also, why are Cyborg, Hawkgirl, & Martian Manhunter here? There are several characters not listed that deserve films first (Static, Nightwing, Batwoman, The Question, etc.).

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@shika1dude: Marvel will release films for Captain Marvel and Black Panther before WB ever releases a Wonder Woman movie. Marvel Studios is creative in how they releasr their properties, just look at their Netflix deal with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. They also believe in non-White and non-male superheroes, featuring ones in every Marvel movie besides Iron Man 1 and Incredible Hulk. DC prefers to keep things White and Male, which is why they almost anjounced a Flash movie but not a Wonder Woman one even though Wonder Woman is more popular and plenty of female led blockbusters do well. They are just uncreative and cowardly for no good reason. That is why Marvel Studios is ownimg DC right now. WB gas no faith in their own characters. Hardly any respect either.

Pretty soon all the little girls will think of Captain Marvel as the main Female Superhero ibstead of Wonder Woman. Dollars to donuts. Just watch.

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Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash

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wonder woman, Flash.

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First Flash then Shazam and then the others.

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Wonder Woman. DC needs their trinity.

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As much as Wonder Woman makes sense as being the next film since she's part of the trinity I'm going with Aquaman. Anyone I know that doesn't read comics still thinks of him as a joke. He needs a film so people can finally see how awesome he really is!

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Green Lantern deserves a real movie! Also would love to see a Captain Marvel (Shazam) film

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I facepalm every time i think about Wonder Woman not having debuted in a feature film to date.

If WB/DC wants to be taken seriously with a shared cinematic universe, they HAVE to establish their big 3 on the big screen.

Superman vs Batman or whatever the hell it's going to be called is a finally a step in the right direction

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Wonder Woman should've already had one by now, so I voted for her.

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Wonder Woman or GTFO.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner, folks!

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cyborg,MM, hawkgirl are team based characters. pick others like hawkman or firestorm.

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Wonder Woman is the only answer here.

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Aquaman has the potential with proper backing and the right producer to be everything avatar or avengers was movie wise! Its really a movie that could make someone's career! I still want a Red Hood, Nightwing and Batgirl or Bat Family movie! A Bat Family movie could churn our movies for years and expand Batman as a character!

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@captain13: Man if Marvel releases a good Super Heroine movie before DC makes Wonder Woman, the higher ups at DC will never live it down for the rest of eternity.

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Well my favourite would be Flash, but I think WW most deserves one, being the only one of DCs trinity not to feature on film...

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Aquaman and take note from Thor. Think Asgard under water.

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I really want to see Wonder Woman and Flash happen, but I voted for Aquaman since I think Flash is most likely to happen and there are already so many others advocating for Wonder Woman.

I think they should do a really cool Aquaman movie to silence everyone who thinks he is lame. Aquaman like in Geoff Johns run. That would be the best.

Like this:

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everyone will think dc is ripping off thor if they try badass aquaman. believe it. and like percy jackson, thr host, eragon, and other movies seen as ripoffs, it will not do well. i have no dog in this one, bit i am right

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I would have voted for Teen Titans but out of those I'd say Aquaman, whilst in comics we know how useful he can be and how badass he can get, the general public still sees him as awful campy Aquaman and that needs to be rectified