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Poll: Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING: What did you think of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?' (283 votes)

Loved it! I'm hooked! 25%
Pretty good. I'll tune in again. 36%
Eh, it was alright. 17%
It was kind of disappointing. Not sure yet if I'll watch the second episode. 5%
Really didn't like it and I'm not bothering with the next episode. 4%
It's still on my DVR. 13%

The Marvel Studios universe is spilling into our TVs! Tonight, the long-awaited Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finally premieres. We'll be checking out Joss Whedon's show (how can we possibly resist more of Clark Gregg?), but we want to know what you think of it!

After you've watched the first episode, look at the options above and cast your vote! As always, we more than welcome you to also explain why the certain poll option earned your vote. Please remember to use spoiler tabs if you're going to talk about something... you know, spoilery, though!

Voting will remain open until Friday morning (ET). After the poll closes, we'll have an updated feature on the homepage with the results, extra opinions and more. So, don't forget to check back then!

And seriously, please remember use spoiler tabs when applicable.

#1 Posted by Maximizer (149 posts) - - Show Bio

I hate living in Aus, I have to wait an extra 2 hours until a download link is available...

What time is it airing (or how long from now)?

#2 Posted by AweSam (7517 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty good so far. I'll definitely tune in next week.

#3 Posted by Zijuun (865 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think it'll be a good, at least not exceptional, looking at it from the trailer.

#4 Edited by MonsterStomp (24317 posts) - - Show Bio

@maximizer: Same sometimes. We have to wait ages to get stuff like this.

#5 Posted by Xwraith (25247 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't see it.

#6 Posted by Havok80 (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish just one of these people could act!

#7 Posted by Eternelle (1072 posts) - - Show Bio

Won't say I'm hooked after just one episode, but I have a feeling that I will be after the next.

#8 Posted by Eternelle (1072 posts) - - Show Bio

@maximizer: It just finished airing on the East Coast.

#9 Posted by kgb725 (8686 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see more

#10 Edited by Extremis (3525 posts) - - Show Bio

Coulson steals the show. Some of the actors are basically eye candy, not very good actors. But I'm interested enough to check it out.

It ended on such a good human note that it really made it resonate enough for me.

#11 Posted by War Killer (20815 posts) - - Show Bio

Having watched the first episode, I liked it and look forward to future episodes.

#12 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (6484 posts) - - Show Bio

Just watched it and I really enjoyed it! I hope the rest of the show goes well!

#13 Posted by danhimself (21257 posts) - - Show Bio


pulls up in this

#14 Posted by EvilPenguin543 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

It was ok. Nothing special (not yet at least), but not horrible. I'll stick around a bit longer to see if it gets any better.

#15 Posted by The Stegman (28740 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright. Cheesy dialogue and way too many attempts to be "witty" and "glib" though.

#16 Edited by MannEffest (1349 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved it!! I was a huge fan of the Avengers and enjoyed all the little winks and nods they gave to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe! Clark Gregg was brilliant as always and Joss Whedon reminds me again why I love him as a writer and director. I will definitely check it out just to see what Agent Maria Hill was talking about when referring to Agent Coulson... Where was he really?!

#17 Posted by lilben42 (2689 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_stegman: This. I enjoyed it overall but I can do without a comedic attempt every 2 seconds. It was pretty much what I expected except it's way more connected than I thought it would be.

#18 Posted by GreenLantern8685 (40 posts) - - Show Bio

i enjoyed it, and maybe it will pen the door for other marvel tv shows, i always wondered why they never did an x-men series to compete with smallville (mutant x dosnt count)

#19 Posted by BigL (609 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was pretty good but man that last scene was lame

#20 Posted by Legendary_StarHero (18935 posts) - - Show Bio

I enjoy it .

#21 Posted by Zijuun (865 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright. Cheesy dialogue and way too many attempts to be "witty" and "glib" though.

Lol, this is what I expect(ed) it to be. I'll be watching it in an hour (the air time around my area).

#22 Posted by cyberchop979 (465 posts) - - Show Bio

It was pretty good for a pilot episode. I will def be watching for weeks to come.

#23 Edited by Doctor_Whovian (29 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_stegman: Stegman, meet Joss Whedon. He's got a particular style, and that never changes. You can count on every episode being the same way...and I love it.

#24 Posted by blkson (788 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright.

#25 Edited by The Stegman (28740 posts) - - Show Bio

@doctor_whovian said:

@the_stegman: Stegman, meet Joss Whedon. He's got a particular style, and that never changes. You can count on every episode being the same way...and I love it.

I think Joss is losing it, I know his style is very quippy, but back in the Buffy/Angel/Firefly days, it was actually well done and well balanced, ESPECIALLY in Angel, which was my favorite Joss production. But now..every five minutes we get a one liner. Come on Joss, toss us something else, lol.

#26 Posted by Fallschirmjager (19627 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright. Cheesy dialogue and way too many attempts to be "witty" and "glib" though.


@the_stegman: Stegman, meet Joss Whedon. He's got a particular style, and that never changes. You can count on every episode being the same way...and I love it.

That is NOT Joss Whedon. Buffy and Angel were in no way like that. Or least they didn't over use it. Marvel seems to want to force-feed the one liners down everyone's throats just because RDJ makes it work so well.

#27 Posted by The_Tree (8478 posts) - - Show Bio

The only character I really liked was Coulson. Overall, I found it pretty mediocre.

#28 Posted by sagejonathan (2213 posts) - - Show Bio

Nothing cool really happened :/ I'll keep watching in hopes that it becomes something good, but it's not that good.

#29 Posted by GodDamnIronMan (1628 posts) - - Show Bio


pulls up in this

I think what he meant is "no one know what SHEILD is for"...ordinary people will only think it's some private merc or something.

#30 Posted by Rixec (416 posts) - - Show Bio

The show is amazing! An instant masterpiece!

#31 Posted by buttersdaman000 (12535 posts) - - Show Bio

The only main characters that interest me are Coulson, the hacker chick, and the badass asian chick (kind of). The mysterious, leading male and the two cyber geeks bring nothing new or interesting to the table. While it was nice seeing Gunn, I wish Whedon would, for once, give him a substantial role in one of his projects. Oh, and it was nice seeing Preacher too.

The acting was so-so, but what do you expect from a series running on ABC? The storyline seems substantial enough to keep me tuned in for at least a season, maybe, and there is always the possibility of an Avenger showing up. The special effects were great too.

Overall, I give it an 8/10. It was a good start

#32 Posted by dondave (39853 posts) - - Show Bio

@the_tree said:

The only character I really liked was Coulson. Overall, I found it pretty mediocre.

#33 Posted by darkbeam (2846 posts) - - Show Bio

It sucked.

#34 Posted by Malonius (924 posts) - - Show Bio

It was fine. I hope they start adding in some more C and D list Marvel characters. Maybe they could make one so popular that they could spin off into a movie. That would be a good goal for this show: to be so good that fans demand to see the characters on the show on the big screen. It would be much easier to make a funny SHIELD sit-com about a low level team on the fringes of things than the tight rope they're trying to walk here. Think about it...nothing they do on this show can rise to the level of threat that would require the direct attention of Nick Fury or the intervention of the Avengers. It puts them in kind of a weird box.

They also need to develop some mysteries and arcs specifically for the show. It's not enough that they exist in the Marvel Universe. We need to care about these characters and the challenges that they face need to be meaningful to them. This show cannot be filler between movies or it won't work. I'll definitely watch more to see if they get their feet under them.

#35 Posted by Perfect 10 (1531 posts) - - Show Bio

it was just awful. coulson joked waaay too much and none of the jokes were funny. the only good part about the show was ming na and gun, just give them a show and i'd watch

#36 Posted by patrat18 (11589 posts) - - Show Bio
#37 Posted by Dbennett6684 (204 posts) - - Show Bio

I really enjoyed it. We all should know it's going to be watered down a bit for prime time tv, but should all be happy that our medium is really gaining such entry into other media. I liked that it tied into the movie verse so well.

#38 Posted by wade_wilson22 (75 posts) - - Show Bio

Enjoyed it. What I expected for acknowledging the heroes. Hope they can keep up the tempo.


#39 Posted by TexasDingo (263 posts) - - Show Bio

I have class on Tuesday nights so I missed it. Don't have DVR either.

#40 Posted by Zijuun (865 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, it was alright. Cheesy dialogue and way too many attempts to be "witty" and "glib" though.


I won't be continuing to watch this show. The first 40 minutes was e'nuff.

#41 Edited by sentryman555 (858 posts) - - Show Bio

The show was pretty so-so. I was hoping Gunn would be a main character but seeing the guest starring spot for him at the start credits was disappointing. I feel like the trailers lied to me because he seemed like he was gonna be a main character in them.

On another note. They were mentioning in the episode how people have been experimenting with the super solider serum. Trying to make it even stronger. You know who that leads to =D. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part..........

#42 Posted by TheBlackHood (506 posts) - - Show Bio

I enjoyed the show a good deal. However, my earlier theory about Whedon not being allowed to do "big characters" may have been given a little credence with Gunn's character. I know early speculation was that he would be playing either Luke Cage or this 90's Avenger's character named Rage. But instead, he played a sidekick to a character called slapstick who had a comic for all of about a year back in the early 90's. I hope this is just a case of Whedon really reaching into the Marvel vault rather then them limiting him to characters of absolute obscurity so as not to interfere with their movie franchise continuity. Still a good show, and Tuesday is shaping up to be the biggest battleground of the week.

#43 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Alright so Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Good but not great. I guess I was really hoping this show rode on the coattails of Avengers and be AMAZING from the get-go. So far, the entire idea of CENTIPEDE seems like an Advanced Idea Mechanics/Ten Rings rip off from Iron Man 3. Skye seems annoying. I absolutely love Fitz and Simmons. Ward and May are just your typical kick@$$ characters to bring kick@$$ery to the screen, and the real stars are of course Coulson and Hill. In all honesty the part of the show that intrigued me most was when Dr. Streiten asked Hill "He doesn't know..does he?" and she responded with "He must never know..."...starting to make me think Coulson is still dead and we have a possible android/Vision on our hands here. Of course its just speculation, but sadly that was the most intriguing part of the pilot for me.

#44 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

It was ok

#45 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved it! I'll tune in until the show drops! Can't wait for the next one.

#46 Posted by MasterBelmont (365 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was really good. Wasn't absolutely amazing, but this is simply the pilot episode, and we have to give the show time. I feel like it'll get much better over time, and I hope it lasts until then and doesn't get cancelled after one season. Also, Skye's hot.

#47 Posted by Arcadian (386 posts) - - Show Bio

Skye is already beginning to piss me off... She's like a mix between how annoying Thea and Laurel are on Arrow.

The pilot itself was OK - the scenes that bugged me were the ones where the characters continued to mention The Avengers. It's like seriously, YES we already know this show exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the writers threw in too much annoying references (lol at Maria's comment on Thor).

#48 Edited by GraniteSoldier (10925 posts) - - Show Bio

Coulson steals the show so far, most of the other characters are stereotypes in the military/spy genre. That being said, I thought it was really good. I expected terrible, but it was really good. I'm saying it will be a great overall show, but I am planning on tuning in next week. I think it was the potential to be really good, and I think the one-dimensionalness of some of the characters will be expanded upon and they won't be those stereotypes any more. I can't wait to see what the ACTUAL story behind Coulson is (life model decoy perhaps?).

Also, and I may seem stupid for this, was I the only one really hoping Mike was actually going to be Luke Cage? He fit the mold somewhat for the backstory, and they DID erase his name from every database s so perhaps his SHIELD name could potentially eventually be Luke Cage. Far fetched, perhaps, but they did make it seem like they aren't done with him.

#49 Posted by Dernman (17215 posts) - - Show Bio

eh it was alright.

#50 Posted by LCazT1996 (574 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was phenomenal...for a pilot. There are obvious kinks that the show needs to work out that I plan to give a few weeks for them to work out. If its still got those kinks in a few weeks, I might drop it. But that's unlikely. Because comic books + tv = I'm there (except for Teen Titans GO!)