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Posted by k4tzm4n (35216 posts) 9 months, 7 days ago

Poll: Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING: Favorite Spider-Man Villain (393 votes)

Alistair Smythe 0%
Boomerang 1%
Carnage 6%
Chameleon 1%
Demogoblin 0%
Doctor Octopus 15%
Electro 1%
Green Goblin (Norman) 21%
Hammerhead 0%
Hobgoblin (Kingsley) 3%
Hydro-Man 0%
Jackal 0%
Kaine 1%
Kingpin 2%
Kraven 7%
Lizard 3%
Mister Negative 1%
Morlun 2%
Mysterio 5%
Rhino 1%
Sandman 1%
Scorpion 1%
Shocker 2%
Spot 0%
Tombstone 0%
Venom (Brock) 24%
Vulture 0%
Other (specify below) 0%

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has already released internationally and is quickly approaching here in the U.S. Not only is it featuring Electro, Harry Osborn, and Rhino, but we also know Sony will tease quite a few more villains and eventually create a Sinister Six movie. Spider-Man has a plethora of awesome villains in his gallery, but this week, we want to know which one is your favorite. Will Green Goblin or Venom dominate the poll or will another enemy sneak by and take a majority of the votes?

Voting will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). After you vote for your favorite fiend, jump into the comments and tell us why the character has earned your praise. If your post is excellent enough, there's a chance we'll highlight it in Thursday's article. Well, what are you waiting for? Go vote!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb and opens May 2 in the U.S. Be sure to check the homepage on Thursday for an updated results article!

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Every story that features Kraven or the Kravenoff family in my opinion is good and some of them are great. Can't say the same about any other Spider villain.

#3 Posted by RustyRoy (14477 posts) - - Show Bio

Doc Ock

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Loop-di-loop gives Vulture the win.


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Green Goblin

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Kraven. It's awesome seeing a villain who physically has no business fighting Spider-Man, and seeing him get the upper-hand.

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Norman Osborn, with Electro and Kraven close behind. Osborn has been causing a lot of havoc in Peter's ( Along with Otto recently) life since the 60's till today.

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I've always had a soft spot for the hobgoblin. Gonna give it to him. Sorry Kraven.

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Kraven has proven time and time again how much of a threat he is to the family of spiders my vote goes that way

EDIT: I gotta just say I do love some hobgoblin from time to time

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I have yet to read any of the great Kraven stories people talk about so I can't comment on him.

Until recently I would have definitely said Venom, but the recent Doc Ock stories by Dan Slott up in Amazing right up until Superior have given me pause for thought. Killing Spider-Man and taking over his body kind of tops most other things...

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I'm a Venom kinda guy, myself. Always have been, probably always will be.

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Norman osborn

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Why the, "Master of the Arcane Odds" of course.

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Lizard, Mysterio, Jackal, Grizzly, Shocker and Spot.

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My inner child will not let me vote for anyone who isn't Venom.

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Boomerang, due to Superior Foes of Spiderman.

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Love all the spidey villains but I've always had a soft spot for Lizard :)

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It's really difficult to pick but I've voted Carnage. He may be a more recent villain but I think every hero needs that one villain who kills for the sheer fun of it, that one villain who needs to be stopped or people will die. Carnage is that villain. And he does psychopath better than many other bad guys, plus he's got cool powers. Cletus Kasady is a good nemesis without the symbiote, add Carnage and you get my favourite Spider-Man villain.

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Chameleon. Ive always loved him.

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Very tough choice but I've got a soft spot for Scorpion.

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Voted Norman Goblin, but Ocks cool too. I have to say though, I was never impressed with Spideys villains. I dislike that recurring animal theme so many of them have and that so many of them are scientists.

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Venom, always Venom.

I think Spot's cool as well. Always loved his costume and his powers.

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Tough one but I think I will go with Doc Oc, with Green Goblin, Venom, and Mysterio pretty close behind.

I mean he managed to actually kill Spider-Man and take over his body, what other villain on this list can say that?

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Can't go wrong with Spidy's big Three-Goblin, Doc-Oc, and Venom. I choose Venom by an inch.

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There is most certainly no shortage of great villains for Spidey, Doc Ock, Venom, Carnage, Kaine, Jackal, Hobgoblin (both). All greats. I based my vote on who was truly the greatest villain as it relates to Peter/Spider-Man. No one else has had the impact on Parker's life that Norman has. Not even close. He is truly a horrible person and Spider-Man's greatest villain.

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@jphu8414 said:

Tough one but I think I will go with Doc Oc, with Green Goblin, Venom, and Mysterio pretty close behind.

I mean he managed to actually kill Spider-Man and take over his body, what other villain on this list can say that?

Well, Kraven did manage to one up Peter and put him on the shelf temporarily while being him during Kraven's Last Hunt.

Mother Russia prevails as per usual!

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Like it's even a contest?

I mean, Venom is awesome, and all, but how much of an actual threat he is is way to inconsistent. One minute he's badass, the next he's practically c-list fodder, etc.

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I voted for Lizard as i believe he was the first foe in a Spidey comic i bought many moons ago & have a soft spot for the character ever since :)

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McFarlane + Venom = Winning

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Lizard was my childhood favorite. However Kaine and his recent redemption and transformation nto scarlet spider is awesome plus he can control spiders is awesome.

If Black Cat was on the list I would have voted for her, but I guess she stretches the line too more anti-hero/hero than the otherz

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Gotta be Green Goblin for me, he is Marvel's "Joker", one of the most iconic villains of all time. After him, I love the Sandman who hasn't got any votes.

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Ugh. I truly hope Doc Ock doesn't stay ahead of Norman. Don't get me wrong, Doc's a good villain, but the Spock thing has to get him demoted IMHO.

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Hypno-Hustler, nuff said.

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All of the Superior Foes of Spider-Man are now my favorites. Boomerang, Shocker, Speed Demon, Overdrive, and Beetle. What an awesome Sinister Six.

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Wow! How do you pick a favorite from one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics? If it were who is the best/greatest Spidey villain the answer is clearly Norman as the Green Goblin. But for a favorite? Gotta go with.... Lizard. He's been my favorite since the old 90's Spidey series. What's not to love about a tragic character who mutates into a giant green lizard in a labcoat? Although Hobgoblin (Kingsley) and Carnage do come in a close second and third respectively.

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Venom wins. Sometimes I like him more than Spider-man himself.

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The Spot........Not!

#47 Posted by MasterBelmont (363 posts) - - Show Bio

Lizard for me. Liked him since the 90s show. Screw Sony for what they did to him.

#48 Posted by DatHomieSilverSurfer (444 posts) - - Show Bio

kingsley is just so... classy. Something Green Goblin seems to lack.

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The lizard is my favorite. Not the terrible version in the last movie. I mean the tortured man trapped in the body of an absolute monster. He is like the Hulk if Hulk actually killed people. I dare you not to have fun while watching this:

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Quite the sausage fest. Spidey could use a more notorious female villain, I'd say.

My vote goes to Kraven. Though Venom is pretty darn cool as well.