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Poll: Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING: Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Character (428 votes)

Abomination 0%
Agent Carter 1%
Agent Coulson 5%
Black Widow 3%
Captain America 22%
Darcy Lewis 0%
Hawkeye 3%
Hulk 9%
Iron Man 21%
Jane Foster 0%
Loki 17%
Maria Hill 0%
Nick Fury 3%
Odin 1%
Pepper Potts 1%
Red Skull 0%
Sif 2%
Thor 10%
Trevor Slattery 1%
War Machine 0%
Whiplash 0%

The Marvel Studios universe is returning to the big screen and we here at Comic Vine think that's worth cheering about. So, what better way to celebrate than being all kinds of topical with our weekly question, right? Thor: The Dark World is already out in some nations and hits here this Friday (you can read Tony's review here), but we want to know if he's your favorite character in the cinematic group. Or, does another person hold the top spot for you? Gaze at the options in the poll, think it through and then cast your vote!

The poll will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. Why'd you vote for a certain character and what exactly makes them so fantastically awesome to you? Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

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@gordyman said:

@muyjingo said:

@gordyman said:

Then you should probably watch the movie again. Well naturally they were at each others throats, but Loki exploited this. His plan from the moment they arrested him was to get Banner to turn into the Hulk.

I've seen the movie several times. You're just wrong, in my opinion.

The movie did a fantastic job of making it look like Loki was behind everything, but he really wasn't. If he was, this was not shown.

Let's break it down.

  • Loki gets captured/surrenders
  • Has a sly grin the whole time, making it seem like this is part of his plan
  • Gets outsmarted by Black Widow
  • The sceptre (NOT Loki) briefly influences Our Heroes to turn on each other. Some catty remarks really.
  • Evil Hawkeye attacks Helicarrier.
  • Team unites and saves the day
  • Hulk arrives.
  • Thor gets trapped, which couldn't have been planned.
  • Loki escapes.
  • Loki gets Hulk Smashed, and then sits the rest out.

So, where exactly is the evidence of the master manipulation and outsmarting people?

It MAYBE works if you assume he knew the team would be in the room with the scepter, and that the scepter would have that effect on them, but that's it.

He didn't know that Hulk would necessarily come, or that he would be able to trap Thor.

He didn't actually DO anything, and his plan was stupid.

So they all didn't like each other because of the scepter's influence? That's not how I remember it. In addition, you skipped the entire part where Hawkeye attacks the ship and Banner hulks out and destroys the ship. After Loki's minions attacked the ship Thor, Hulk and the rest of them went crashing down to the ground.

I didn't skip anything, I highlighted it above.

Maybe you need to watch the movie again. It was made pretty clear the only reason they were turning on each other was the scepter. Nothing to do with Loki.

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Hugo Weaving as Red Skull is poetry.

Sir Ian as Magneto would've had my vote, but the X-men films aren't a part of the MCU, I suppose.

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1. RDJ as Iron Man, obviously one of the best casting choices in a CBM, probably 2nd or 3rd best behind Jackman and Ledger.

2. Ed Norton as Banner/Hulk, his portrayal of Banner seemed a lot more real to me. He pulled off the frightened, chased man on the run that Banner should be in a way Ruffalo didn't.

3. Tom Hiddleston as Loki, was pretty much the only bright spot in the first Thor, but he rocked in Avengers.

4. Mark Ruffalo as Banner/Hulk, I liked Norton more but don't get me wrong Mark was great.

5. Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko, seriously why the hate?? I think he's probably the best villain in the Iron Man series because he's the only one that isn't just another businessman trying to make more money. He had actual motives and story.

I liked Tim Roth as Blonsky too, Chris Evans is a great Cap but there are so many issues with the Cap movie I can't place him in the top 5.

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