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Poll: Comic Book Question of the Week VOTING: Favorite Image Expo New Announcement (129 votes)

THE FADE OUT (Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips) 6%
AIRBOY (James Robinson, Greg Hinkle) 2%
BITCH PLANET (Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro) 7%
C.O.W.L. (Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis) 9%
CASANOVA VOL. 4: ACEDIA (Matt Fraction, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, and Michael Chabon) 2%
8HOUSE (Brandon Graham, various) 1%
HOW TOONS: [RE]IGNITION (Nick Dragotta) 0%
LOW (Rick Remender, Greg Tocchini) 9%
NAILBITER (Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson) 5%
NAMELESS (Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham) 8%
PARADIGMS, CERULEAN, and GREAT BEYOND (Nick Spencer, various) 2%
RESTORATION (Bill Willingham, Barry Kitson) 2%
SHUTTER (Joe Keatinge, Leila del Duca) 0%
TECH JACKET (Joe Keatinge, Khary Randolph) 5%
THE WICKED AND THE DIVINE (Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie) 7%
WYTCHES (Scott Snyder, Jock) 36%

Image Expo has come and gone, and now we're left with plenty to look forward to. Quite a few brand new creator-owned projects were announced at the event and, needless to say, it's looking like it'll be a promising year for the publisher. Many big names took the stage and there's a lot of titles we're going to check out, but this week, we want to hear which upcoming series has you truly pumped. Sure, there's more than a handful that'll likely catch your focus, but we want to know what's currently holding the top spot for you.

Comic Vine was at Image Expo and interviewed plenty of the writers. Watch the videos to get more info on some of the titles before casting your vote.

The poll will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Once it's locked, a new article will go live with the results and more. If you want to go the extra mile, go ahead and get your elaboration on. What exactly is it about the title that makes you so anxious to read it? If your post is awesome enough and about the poll's winning option, we just may highlight it in the updated feature. Check the homepage Thursday to see the results and more!

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I think the obvious answer is Casanova, but I said C.O.W.L. ...because really how can you choose between another volume of awesome and supporting an interesting new idea?

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Dammit @k4tzm4n I'm not sure I can answer this

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At the time I woulda gone with Tech Jacket. But since they already posted all three issues on the site, I'm not exactly hyped anymore.

Nameless is the one I still can't wait for.

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I voted C.O.W.L., because I've been waiting for it since I heard Kyle talk about The League somewhere... maybe Fatman on Batman? Anyway it sounded awesome and I'm a fan of Kyle's work on Nightwing, Batman Beyond 2.0 and Batman: Gates of Gotham.

That being said, I might give Wytches a peek (I like Snyder's Batman but horror's not necessarily my thing), and Remender's Low sounds interesting enough to check out. How's Black Science by the way?

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Low. But I'm also really excited for Great Beyond, Nameless, and Casanova: Acedia.

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LOW. I like Black Science, I want to see what else Rick Remender has in store.

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Wytches, Fade Out and Low top 3 for this boy!!! I will be checking out a bunch of others as well. My poor bank account...

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Bitch Planet 'cause it sounds pretty cool, can read it with the girlfriend and if it was written by IDK... Rob Liefeld, it wouldn't had the same reception XD

Second is Wytches and the other Remender book.

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8House followed by Casanova. Acedia.


#12 Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie (7595 posts) - - Show Bio

C.O.W.L and Fade Out.

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i knew it, just cause its snyder people voting for him. refuse to believe so many people are into the subject seeing as magic doesnt sell in comics hence why characters like dr. strange havent had an ongoing in YEARS

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My vote went to Nailbiter. Williamson talking about that book sold me completely, plus I really love the concept of exploring serial killer's families vs only exploring the victim's family. I think this guy understands horror and I'm really excited to read this series.

I will admit that I'm also really excited for C.O.W.L. and Wytches but Nailbiter is the series that I'm anxiously biting my nails over.

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@wardishy: Black Science is only two issues in, but excellent so far. Highly recommended if you like syfy.

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i knew it, just cause its snyder people voting for him. refuse to believe so many people are into the subject seeing as magic doesnt sell in comics hence why characters like dr. strange havent had an ongoing in YEARS

pretty much, it's the Fapman affect

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Gotta go for the Gillen/McKelvie team up.

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C.O.W.L. for me. Higgins' description in the IGN and Jen interview got me very excited about what he's doing and it combines a lot of themes I like. History, social class, rise of the proletariat and the notion of superheroes working full time makes for an interesting concept for a series.

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The lack of The Fade Out votes is crazy.

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@perfect_10: And there's something wrong with people liking a certain writer? Ok

Low for me. Never read a Rick Remender book I didn't love.

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My vote went to Bitch Planet but Wytches is a very close second.

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More Grant Morrison trumps all to me. But Snyder is doing alright in Batman and The Wake was good.

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Nameless and Bitch Planet for me.Both titles look really good and also Nameless has Grant Morrison.

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NAILBITERS!! That interested me the most. I feel like Scott Snyder has become too overrated. I loved his batman court of owls and Death of the Family, but Zero Year sucks IMO. The Wake isnt that amazing to me either. I'm still looking forward to his comic though.

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@annafh said:

Gotta go for the Gillen/McKelvie team up.

What s/he said.

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Always snyder. Morrison ill pass and not sure rest yet

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Tech Jacket fighting alternate universe evil Invincibles. I'm sold!

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Wytches! This will be my first Image comic so I'm pretty excited. Now I just have to figure out whether or not I have the patience to wait for a trade of the first arc...

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I really am excited for a bunch of those titles. My favorite one is Restoration, then Ody-C. Never read Casanova

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So excited for this one although I'm not familiar with Jock's art. Any recommendations?

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I am extremely embarrassed that I lack more Image comics on my pull list. Still, I am extremely interested in Nameless, Restoration and The Fade Out.