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2014 is here. We don't have flying cars or jetpacks -- at least not yet -- but thankfully, we still have awesome comics and this year has a lot of potential. This week, we wanted to know which publisher's plans are the most exciting to you and the result is pretty surprising. We've had a tie in polls before, but never a three-way tie! Congrats, Marvel, Image, and DC!

It's easy to understand why there's so much hype behind each of these companies. Image has announced a swarm of new titles by plenty of talented creators and said books are covering a wide range of genres. Marvel has dozens of new titles coming out, so there's quite literally something for everyone in there. And DC Comics hasn't announced that many new books, but there's a lot of news regarding specific characters having new roles in the universe and even the return of other characters. In the poll thread, Comic Viner Jphu8414 gave support to all thee of the winners.

"DC looks really promising in the the post-Forever Evil world

I mean Lex Luthor in the Justice League, Wally West coming back, A Justice League United Team, Batman Eternal looking epic? Yeah I'm looking forward to that.

Marvel was a close second, lots of good titles coming out (yay Silver Surfer, Magneto, and Moon Knight books), Image looks really good too."

Here's the poll results.

Did your vote to go any of the three winners or did one of the other publishers earn your love and support? No matter who you sided with, it's safe to say this is definitely looking like it'll be a solid year for us comic fans. That's something worth celebrating, right? Anyhow, remember to check the homepage next Tuesday for an all-new 'Comic Book Question of the Week.' See you then, Viners.

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Love it!

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I'm glad that other people have a lot more optimism about the future of DC. I'm hoping that everything turns out as great as it has potential to but I'm a little reluctant to put my trust in DC editorial. Marvel has been doing great stuff and Image releases the most consistently acclaimed books out there.

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That is a pleasant surprise, But lets face it there is a ton of great stuff coming out of every publisher now.

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Great time to be a comic fan so much good stuff happening in 2014.

Super stoked for Justice League United by Jeff Lemire probably my most anticipated book this year.

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It would have been really cool to see Image take this one, I mean if you look at the ratio of books that are good compared to books that suck, DC definitely doesn't win. Although DC has amazing books right now, their lower sales books are almost unreadable because the quality is very poor. Still happy Marvel isn't on top.

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Image got my vote for all the high-profile creator-owned stuff coming out soon. But DC is in second place with Wally's return (plus the GLC writing duo and Brett Booth becoming the new Flash creative team), JLU, Blue Beetle/Lex Luthor in JL, Futures End, and so on. I'm excited for 2014.

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I love DC comics, glad to see that people still have some faith in them.

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I voted for Image, and I'm glad so did a lot of others. It's really been hitting everything out of the park.

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I voted Image, but you know what? I would've voted for all three of them if I could have. Legitimately excited for stuff that all of them are bringing this year.

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I voted Valiant, but a 3 way tie is surprising

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I'm happy with the results!

Really really glad that a lot of people has their eyes on Image.

And it's pretty awesome that Valiant got 15% with so little books. Good for us, comic readers! Great taste!

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I voted for Image. I'm really surprised that it's on par with both Marvel and DC now, but it definitely deserves to be! I havnt been disappointed with any of their titles so far!

It really is a great time to be a comic fan. Marvel unloading new titles and bringing Peter Parker back to the role as Spider-Man. DC is really shaking up their characters. Indie comics are FINALLY becoming bigger to where they're easily on par with Marvel and DC. Valiant is threading their new universe together. 15 Marvel/DC movies announced for the next few years and they're only getting bigger!

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I'm glad Marvel was a winner and even tho DC comics has been annoying me lately congratulations to them too.

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Valiant Hung in their, CONGRATS!!!!!!

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Valiant 4 Life

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Way to go Image!

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Yeah some of DC line-up looks good. I hope Forever Evil becomes a trade, I want to read that.

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Love DC

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interesting numbers. cool it's a tie.

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Wow! Now THAT'S what I call a result. Shows there are so many differing opinions out there (thankfully) and that there's some great stuff on the way. I think this'll be a good year.

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sound the most promising

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I like the results. I find it a sign of a healthy industry.

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I like the results. I find it a sign of a healthy industry.

So much this. But lets face it we all know that Image is the best ;P

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guys...Image Comics should be first, and we all secretly know it but it shouldnt be a SECRET ANYMORE!

they've literally destroyed Marvel/DC for the past two years, publishing out of the box ideas and truly letting the creators roam free.

how can anyone think DC/Marvel, who are technically corporation can compete with that kinda of freedom you have at Image.

the True list (in my humble opinion)

2) DC (pretty much cuz Snyder/Capullo's run of Batman will continue and Batman Eternal)
3) Marvel (Hickman's run on New Avengers/Remender's run on Uncanny Avengers)

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LOL. I'm glad that Image is 2nd. They are the best! (We all know the truth, they are 1st)

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Wait... what? How did DC...? What? Image clearly should have won. I understand peoples optimism with Marvel since Parkers coming back and they been promoting All New NOW! But, DC?

What has DC promoted lately? I'm serious. I haven't seen DC promote anything new.


it is the damn DC biasness that lives in the Vine, I'm telling ya. DC Fanboys Run the Vine.

Wait, disregard. I forgot. W. West, and S. Brown are coming back. I guess their return is enough apparently.

Too bad Dynamite didn't get any love. Their direction looks way more promising than the Big TWO's. But, hey, at the end of they day, we're all ruled by fanboyism/fangirl-ism.


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what are the odds?

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lol, 3 most popular publishers end in a 3 way tie. Although I do feel like DC can only go uphill from where it is (as long as we're not talking about live action movies)

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Nice! Image getting some love! I'm excited for DC too!

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@k4tzm4n Jetpacks and flying cars you say? Interesting.

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How the hell do people still have faith in Marvel or DC?

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I respectfully disagree with your statement about the fanboys running the site and rigging the number system. Don't get me wrong, I know there are fanboys. But Marvel and DC have been around for 70+ years and still going strong. They are the reason there are even comic books today. And somehow after all these years they are still continuing to crank out new and exciting stories with characters that we've all grown to love to read about. Yes I think their quality in their books has indeed declined over the past year or so, but that's no reason to discard them completely.

But every user on the vine should easily know by now that Image is pumping out great titles that are ranked as high as the big 2. Heck I was at school the other day and overheard some guys talking about The Walking Dead (comic), Invincible and Saga. So I think they may be seeping into mainstream a bit.

But all of this all does go down to opinion though since we all have different tastes. I do agree with your optimism about Image. The writers are finally telling the stories that they want to tell and not being forced to by their higher ups or editors. They keep everything at a low price of 2.99 with no continuous ads. No unnecessary crossovers just for them to make more money. And IMO I do prefer them over Marvel and DC.

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TED KORD! ....that's all I have to say. :o)

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DC rules

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the only way Image can get to read them is if they returned Al Simmons and

Todd Mcfarline is the drawer.

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@transformers1024: You have a very good solid points. I just personally didn't catch DC promoting anything new for this year. I seen Image and Dynamite promote a bunch of new series and even Marvel with their ALL NEW title promotion. All I've seen from DC is, West is coming back and Steph Brown too. But, very well then. I will chew on your thoughts on the matter that you have posted.