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Voting has ended for Comic Vine's very first 'Comic Book Question of the Week!' On Tuesday, we asked you which character you would want to lead your country and the options ranged from Superman to Doctor Doom. Over 200 Viners voted and now the results are in. Did everyone think Cyclops was right and want him to lead their nation... or would they rather bow before Darkseid?

With 29% of the votes, Captain America wins. Go on, pretend you're even remotely surprised by this outcome.


It was fairly obvious the Super Soldier would be the victor of this first question. He's basically the total package: intelligent, a gifted leader and a man who stands firmly by his sense of right and wrong. He's widely respected by his peers (which includes a God or two) and loved even more by the public. Fun fact: he was actually elected President of the United States over in the Ultimate universe, too.

Personally, I think Wonder Woman or Iron Man would have been great choices. Wonder Woman's a natural leader who knows what needs to be done when it comes to the tough choices, and Tony Stark's focus on technological advancements could really help our nation (this would be huge for renewable energy). That said, we'd likely have a Monica Lewinsky-like scandal every other week in Tony Stark was the Commander-in-Chief.

Here's the rest of the voting results:

  • Batman : 16.7%
  • Superman: 15.8%
  • Wonder Woman: 9.0%
  • Iron Man: 7.7%
  • Dr. Doom: 6.4%
  • Storm : 5.1%
  • Cyclops : 4.7%
  • Magneto : 4.3%
  • Darkseid: 1.3% (how did this man not get more votes?!)

Viners, would you be okay with Steve Rogers leading your nation? Sound off below and be sure to check back next Tuesday for the next 'Comic Book Question of the Week!'

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. This is the part where he shamelessly plugs his Twitter page in hopes of getting a new follower or two.

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i would have said supes hes like cap but with powers

#2 Posted by ccraft (5559 posts) - - Show Bio

Should have voted Darkseid!

#3 Posted by Owie (3944 posts) - - Show Bio

Out of those choices, I guess Cap is one of the best choices. I could also see Supes or Diana. They all have a lot of wisdom, and a sense of outreach. Guys like Batman seem less suited for the role. Smart, good at leading small groups, but not the kind of person that would engender trust from the masss.

#4 Posted by Drummer007 (111 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap's the man. He would put the people first and not worry about policies and not listen to twisted polititions.

#5 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Then lets have Batman be Vice-Pres and Superman the Speaker of the House. Then have Wonder Woman be President Pro-Tempore of the Senate and Iron Man the Secretary of State. Make Dr. Doom the Treasury Secretary and Storm the Defense Secretary. Make Cyclops the Attorney General and Magneto Secretary of the Interior. Then make Darkseid...Agriculture Secretary. See what I'm doing here all? I'm following the official legal United States presidential succession line.

#6 Posted by yo_yo_fun (639 posts) - - Show Bio

I would be okay with Captain America leading our nation, he was my second choice.

I voted for Superman though, he can bring people together and he's a symbol of hope (to me @least).

Wonder Woman is also a great choice.

I love Batman but I don't see him leading the nation, he's not much of a 'people person'.lol

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If I was American the person I would actually vote for would have been Mr Terrific

#8 Posted by bob808 (6785 posts) - - Show Bio

Why did Doctor Doom and Darkseid get any votes

#9 Posted by Dernman (15632 posts) - - Show Bio

It was a hard choice between Superman and Captain America. Even though I chose Superman I still think Cap would be great.

#10 Posted by shackle (215 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman and WW would seem to be logical choices as well, but have you SEEN headlines IRL lately? Claims of tyranny, abuse of power, dictatorship. A super powered person would NEVER be acceptable in the WH; the arguments of "too much power" being controlled by the executive branch would literally be true. The President wouldn't need Congress to declare war; the President would be a one man/woman army. And how do you impeach a President who can stay as long as they want to in the WH simply because you can't make them leave? Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne wouldn't make the cut; while both are brilliant, they are too wealthy, who got their starts born into the upper-class, the very definition of one-percenters (not to mention, as pointed out, the moral flaws of Tony Stark; less important politicians have had their careers ended for much, much less).

#11 Posted by naylor11 (67 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't even know this was going on. I would have voted Superman

#12 Posted by slade_wilson (633 posts) - - Show Bio

'Merkia'? Must be a typo.

#13 Posted by The_Soverighn (1813 posts) - - Show Bio


#14 Posted by sanityisoverrated (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Just curious, but could Superman, Wonder Woman, Dr. Doom, Storm, Magneto and Darkseid actually be president? I mean three of those would be forceful dictators but still have citizenship from other countries and the others don't really have U.S. citizenship in order to have the right to become president, with the exception of Superman. I mean WW has Amazon citizenship and Storm still has hers from Africa I believe. So the only ones who could become president on this list are Cap, Bats, Iron Man and Cyclops, with Superman being iffy to me. So Cap is definitely the best choice in my opinion.

#15 Posted by Mia26 (145 posts) - - Show Bio

I voted Superman but Captain America is a great choice.

#16 Posted by inferiorego (28256 posts) - - Show Bio

Magneto was right

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#17 Posted by Overlander (551 posts) - - Show Bio

Darkseid's not a man, he's an abomination.

Go Cap!

#18 Posted by TommytheHitman (3436 posts) - - Show Bio

I should've voted for the Superior Spider Man... or Judge Dredd.

#19 Posted by spinningbirdcake (1430 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America is a terrible choice. Sometimes you have to be willing to take a life. Maybe not in the Marvel Universe but in this world good leaders aren't necessarily good men.

#20 Posted by Lvenger (21143 posts) - - Show Bio

You should have let people vote for what other roles superheroes could have in government as @RedheadedAtrocitus: suggested. Still a typical outcome in all honesty what with Cap being the poster boy for American superheroes.

#21 Posted by Xwraith (21328 posts) - - Show Bio

I picked Superman. Even I'm not sure why.

#22 Posted by comicfan123 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

If Captain America were the President in real life, I have a feeling he'd solve all of our problems by throwing his shield at it (although I do think presidential debates would be infinitely more entertaining that way).

#23 Posted by eldestrisk (616 posts) - - Show Bio

No Lex Luthor... I'm disappointed.

#24 Posted by Cavemold (1684 posts) - - Show Bio


#25 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (7960 posts) - - Show Bio

BOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You suck Captain!

#26 Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan (3825 posts) - - Show Bio

I didn't vote :( but if I did I would have voted Supes but Cap would've been my second choice

#27 Posted by Yung ANcient One (4885 posts) - - Show Bio
I voted for Slim, and Tony for Vice now I'm on the Stark team. I'm good with Rogers for now, but I think Stark would have be better (+)
#28 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1757 posts) - - Show Bio

YAY!! The system works!!

#29 Posted by GothamRed (2553 posts) - - Show Bio

I can see why people voted cyclops, we need a leader who more that willing recklessly start large scale wars with no thought to the long term consequences of his actions.

#30 Posted by GothamRed (2553 posts) - - Show Bio

@spinningbirdcake: Cap is willing to take lives if necessary, he's a soldier, and he's done it before in the past. It's knowing when to do it that matters and Cap's been good at that.

#31 Edited by spinningbirdcake (1430 posts) - - Show Bio

@GothamRed: He may have taken lives during WWII, but since he became unfrozen I don't recall him ever taking a life. I remember him stopping Logan several times during their time together in New Avengers.

#32 Posted by Decoy Elite (29923 posts) - - Show Bio

Prez would have won if he was involved. :P

#33 Posted by GothamRed (2553 posts) - - Show Bio

@spinningbirdcake: He killed the first Baron Zemo, and it depends on the writer but Cap will kill if given no other options, he just doesn't like to if he truly feels there's another way.

#34 Posted by greenlucario (248 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool idea, but most of the list wouldn't have worked since they're not American born citizens, but still good for a laugh.

#35 Posted by Rogan2112 (595 posts) - - Show Bio

President: Captain America

VP: Superman....Go ahead even if you CAN take out our with our number TWO

Secretary of State: Wonder Woman...Diplomacy, Strength, Charisma...what's she NOT got for the job?

Secretary of Education: Jefferson "Black Lightning" Pierce

Secretary of Defense: Since Rogers is busy with President...Nick Fury?

Leader of the CIA: The Question

Leader of the FBI: BAT freakin MAN

Secretary of Agriculture: Swamp Thing

Secretary of the Treasury: Tony Stark

Secretary of Procurement: (Research/Development and buying new technologies...usually military) Tony Stark...tell me he couldn't pull double duty :) OR...if it's considered a conflict of interest Reed Richards

Chief of the Department of Prisons (I don't remember the actual job title) the Fourth thru Eight and Fourteenth Amendments might get bend WAY outta shape but, Amanda Waller?

Chief of the NSA: Barbara "Oracle (When she was Oracle)" Gordon

The Supreme Court:

Chief Justice: Oliver Queen

Hangin' Judge Frank Castle lol kidding here

Jean Grey (whenever she's not dead)

Luke Cage

Ma Kent not kidding actually

The Crow (the first one)

The Black Knight


heh....Judge Dredd

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Sec. Army: General Clayton M. "Hawk" Abernathy

Sec. Navy Admiral Arthur Curry

Sec Air Force: General James Rhodes

Sec. Marine Corps John Stewart

Sec Coast Guard Skip A. "Cutter" Stone

All I got for now :)

#36 Posted by JamDamage (1118 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rogan2112: this is great. I'd actually put a few other characters in some places (of course I would) Aquaman has got to be charge of the coast guard or Namor. Mircle Man (Scott Free) is charge of the prisons. I don't care what happened in Kingdom Come.

#37 Posted by dtschemmel (504 posts) - - Show Bio

@Owie: I wouldn't even say Batman can lead... He kind of sucks at leading Bat Family.

#38 Posted by Owie (3944 posts) - - Show Bio

@dtschemmel said:

@Owie: I wouldn't even say Batman can lead... He kind of sucks at leading Bat Family.

Can't argue with you there. He has the organizational skills, and the strategy, but not the interpersonal skills.

#39 Posted by dtschemmel (504 posts) - - Show Bio

@Owie said:

@dtschemmel said:

@Owie: I wouldn't even say Batman can lead... He kind of sucks at leading Bat Family.

Can't argue with you there. He has the organizational skills, and the strategy, but not the interpersonal skills.

I would say that Tim Drake has the most leadership skills and experience. (Leading Teen Titans) He's always been my favorite in the Bat Family anyways.

#40 Posted by Owie (3944 posts) - - Show Bio

@dtschemmel said:

@Owie said:

@dtschemmel said:

@Owie: I wouldn't even say Batman can lead... He kind of sucks at leading Bat Family.

Can't argue with you there. He has the organizational skills, and the strategy, but not the interpersonal skills.

I would say that Tim Drake has the most leadership skills and experience. (Leading Teen Titans) He's always been my favorite in the Bat Family anyways.

You'd say Tim has more leadership skills and experience than Dick? I'm no expert on Tim, but not only was Dick the leader of the Titans for years, he also did a pretty solid job taking over the Bat family when he was Batman.

#41 Posted by SexualLobster (995 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap can be a complete idiot though, when he thinks he's right he doesn't listen to anyhting, all he wants to do is fight to be right. Examples? Civil War, AvX. Not a good leader nation-wise.

Cyclops can be just as bad, but with a 'poor me, I'm a mutant, let's be an asshole' attitude thrown in.

I think Doom or Tony Stark would be the best.

#42 Posted by sinestro_GL (3321 posts) - - Show Bio

I would have voted Luthor :P

We all know what that would turn out like ;)

#43 Edited by Rogan2112 (595 posts) - - Show Bio

@JamDamage: lol Yeah, Scott Free WOULD make a much better choice for Beueau of Prisons (which is what I found out it's ACTUALLY called).

I'd have to disagree about Aquaman and Sec. Coast Guard. That'd leave him attached to just the edge of the ocean, the Navy operates in all the oceans of the world like Aquaman....ohhh.unless you were making a point about the fact (I think) recently that he's set himself up as sort of defender of both? In which case...ya got me again...better choice ;) In which case I'm with ya, Namor would be the MUCH better choice...I just mainly like Aquaman better =D

#44 Posted by Rogan2112 (595 posts) - - Show Bio

The Rest Of The Executive Level Government...Comics Style

Secretary of Labor Ann-Marie Hoag (Owner of Damage Control

Secretary of Commerce: Wilson Fisk (What? Never heard of a crook in the government? :) )

Secretary of Health and Human Services Susan Storm Richards....before anyone thinks I'm TOOOO cynical

Housing and Urban Development: Forgot about this one...Luke Cage just quit the Supreme Court to be replaced by Jessica Jones, and he kicks but in this Department

Secretary of Transportation: Barry Allen (who can coordinate all the speedsters from all the comic universes to be the ultimate mass transit system :)

Secretary of Energy: Dr.Kimiyo Hoshi (Doctor Light) coordinates all willing energy based heroes donating time and "energy" to power plants, and sentencing of captured energy based villains to do the same in return for time off their sentence (no way Cap would let her just chain them their til they "burn out" :)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs....Colonel Rick Flagg....errrr nevermind...his retirement plans don't tend to work out so well ;)

Hope this was SOME kinda fun y'all


#45 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

Not american, and Marvel events didn't gave me a good impression of him. So hell no.

#46 Posted by Rogan2112 (595 posts) - - Show Bio

(EXTREMELY Tongue in Cheek WARNING :) )....Well...since you're not American, you can't vote in our elections for fictional comic characters for President of the United States ANYway, so THERE.