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Gargage is what it was,

"I can has comic book based movie with a story that actually relates to the comics in which the material was taken from?"

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I don't think it was a great idea, but I don't see what else the writers could have done. The Mandarin has been so full of rotten stereotypes over the decades that getting an non Asian actor seems like the only solution. And it's Ben Kingsley and he always delivers.

Also, this is still a step up from the 90's Iron Man cartoon where they gave the Mandarin green skin!

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How the hell are people getting so wound up about this?

Honestly, the Mandarin from the comics would have no place in the Cinematic Marvel U so for people to really not see this coming is hilarious.

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I liked it. I laughed out loud so that's a success in my opinion. I'm simple like that :)

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As a Chinese american I am very offended at the casting of a white man to play the role of the Mandarin when there are, already, so few leading roles for Asians in Hollywood

As an Iron Man fan I am extremely offended that it took three movies for them to finally give us Iron Man's arch enemy; and that when we get him, he's just comic relief, and a much more generic enemy, who had a very minor role in the comic series, is the focus.

But, let's face it: there was a lot more wrong with that movie then the Mandarin being a fool. Like why would Stark issue a public threat to the Mandarin, then put up no defenses at his home? Like, did he just not see that coming? Since when is Stark such a moron? Oh, wait, it did have some sort of security, because it detected that car driving up, but it can't detect helicopters and missiles? And why did the villains spend so much time trying to get the Iron Patriot Armor if they were just gonna rip it apart? And if the first human bomb explosion happened so long ago why were they just then trying to get the files from the dudes mom, conveniently at the same time Stark was looking for her? And why would Stark fly to Tennessee in a prototype suit with half power when he has a whole emergency basement full of suits? And I still have no idea what Killian's motivation was? Was it so he could sell his human bomb shit? It seems like he already had a pretty big R&D contract with the VP. And Pepper's the one who kills Killian at the end? Were they just trying to find the most anti-climatic way to end that movie? The whole thing felt extremely rushed and poorly thought out.

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First, there's no way they're ever going to top the original Iron Man. The villain was great, the casting was perfect and the plot moved along at the perfect pace to keep one interested throughout the entire film. The second film, while not nearly as good as the first, had its moments, although I think we can all agree that it would have been more aptly named "The Pre-Avengers". I thought they did well on 3 though. I see so many people getting bent out of shape because Downey wasn't in the suit very much... But then that WAS the point wasn't it? Stark had to deal with his own demons and learn how to get by without the suit.

Although I was super stoked about Kingsley being the Mandarin, I thought the "twist" ironed out what could have been a severe case of "TMVS" (Too many villains syndrome) and saved it from becoming another Spider-Man 3. Bit of a disappointment on not having Kingsley as the big guy, but it ended up being pretty humorous in my opinion.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5. It was better than the second film by far and was a solid third offering, which is quite a feat for the third offering from any film franchise.

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I wasn't super pissed or anything. It just could've been done without making yet another joke.

Bait & switch with "main villain": Joke

Awesome Air Force One scene: Undercut by immediate joke

Something happens: Joke

I get it. These movies don't take themselves too seriously. But there is such a thing as too much levity.

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The Mandarin is a mad scientist and superhumanly skilled martial artist with a dragon tattoo. He can do things like destroy Iron Man's armor with karate-chops.

Killian was a mad scientist and a superhuman who used karate-chops to destroy Iron Man's armor.

Not sure what the complaint is. Is it just that Killian is white?

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Before watching Iron Man 3 I didn't know much about the Mandarin except he was a Chinese character and he had some alien rings that were supposedly magical/powerful. I'll admit, as an Asian-American, I was super-pissed that once again Hollywood was, in essence, white-washing another already-existing, well-known Asian character (I'm looking at you Dragon Ball and Avatar: the Last Airbender). Having watched the movie, now I'm more annoyed that they used the Mandarin name and he was in no way, shape, or form anything like the Mandarin from the comics. Essentially, they could have given Iron Man 3's pseudo-villian ANY OTHER F-ING MARVEL CHARACTER NAME. I don't understand why they used the Mandarin, when there was nothing about this character that was similar to what I've read about the Mandarin, except for maybe how the character looked (the mustache, long hair, rings, etc.)

I feel like the main reason they used the Mandarin's name for this character was the writers thought that this was a name Iron Man fans would recognize, and the controversy of vastly changing Iron Man's biggest foe would create some buzz for the film. I feel like they wasted an opportunity to make the Mandarin a non-caricature villain, be him Asian (preferable) or not. I liked Iron Man 3's Mandarin character and the twist, but NOT AS THE MANDARIN. To me that was lazy, a bit undermining, and also tells me that the movie makers believe more about having character names to try to bring people to the theater than they do about making sure the characters are recognizable. New villains in comic book movies or TV shows that were never in the comics themselves can work. Just look at Batman's Harley Quinn whose first appearance was in the Animated Series, not the comics. She's one of my favorite comic book villains. I think something like that could work for the movie adaptations. Iron Man 3 had a villain that's in the comics: Killian. They didn't need Mandarin, or fake-Mandarin. They could have made fake-terrorist leader a new character with a new name or maybe make him some other, lesser-known/significant Marvel terrorist character, and the twist would still work.

@tem_borjigin said:

The Mandarin is a mad scientist and superhumanly skilled martial artist with a dragon tattoo. He can do things like destroy Iron Man's armor with karate-chops.

Killian was a mad scientist and a superhuman who used karate-chops to destroy Iron Man's armor.

Not sure what the complaint is. Is it just that Killian is white?

Killian being white isn't the issue. It's the fact that he is already a character in the comics. Which means the writers took two characters and merged them into one character. There's nothing I hate more than movie adaptation writers taking two completely separate characters and merging them to be one person.

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@muyjingo said:

@daltonmunnal said:

My thoughts exactly. When chose Kingsley I was worried that they chose an only slightly noticeably Asian man because they were afraid to use a foreign terrorist and possibly look racist (which, shame on me for forgetting that the first movie was all about foreign terrorists while I was thinking that), but instead the movie laughed at Americans for expecting terrorists do be foreign. That was brilliant.

Really? It's racist to expect terrorists to be foreign? What world are you living in?

Dude... Americans are attacked by American terrorists all the damn time. What world are YOU living in?

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Tell me I'm imagining this but there seems to be some sort of copying going on. First we have The Avengers and the Black Widow dressed in black wanting to clean her record because it's too red and her character arc is about if she can redeem herself from so much killing.

Then we have The Dark Knight Rises where Catwoman seeks a way out and wants a clean slate. Also dressed in black.

Then we have Bane who is a real menace and a powerful figure with his plans. A force to be reckoned with but turns out he was working for/with Talia al Ghul. And this twist I honestly liked even though I can see why it upsetted people.

And now Iron Man 3's twist turns out to be awfully similar.

Well, Avengers and Dark Knight Rises came out way too close together for it to be even a slight possibility that they intentionally copied each other, and I would even imagine that IM3 came out too quickly to be able to copy Rises, though it's plot twist really doesn't resemble Rises plot twist at all. If anything it resembles a plot twist from Begins.

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Dude... Americans are attacked by American terrorists all the damn time. What world are YOU living in?

Yeah, that has nothing to do with whether its racist or not to profile terrorists by race.

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I was just glad they didn't have the Mandarin with his cheesiness and magic rings in this movie. I was indifferent to the twist because I thought it was funny and I was very nervous about the inclusion of the Mandarin coming off as lame.

It was lose lose in my opinion:

1) The Mandarin the comic fans wanted is in the movie and ultra cheesy and it turns off the mainstream moviegoer to Marvel movies


2) The Mandarin/terrorist has no powers and there is no way Iron Man can actually do battle with him without the movie being extremely anticlimactic.

So they found a third option that provided a humorous twist and I applaud Shane Black for it.