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The Big Two have seriously been bringing their "A" game when it comes to their lead archers. With Jeff Lemire/Andrea Sorrentino taking over GREEN ARROW and Matt Fraction/David Aja bringing an all-new solo series for Clint, the two accurate characters have proudly stepped back into the spotlight. Sure, both have a totally different vibe and a completely unique and oh-so-fine look, but we're curious to see which book you're enjoying more. Have the nonstop laughs turned you into a Hawkbro? Or has this engrossing new take on Ollie quickly become one of your favorites? CLICK HERE VOTE!

Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Check the homepage shortly after for a feature with the poll results. Commenting below will not count towards the poll. So, once again, click here if you'd like to vote! Oh, and if you're not reading either of these books, you should probably rectify that.

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Aw yeah, this is gonna get people arguing :D

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I'm happy that "I can't pick" was a response, because I really can't. They're both fantastic comic books for their own reasons.

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Honestly I can't tell the difference between the two...

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Good question

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Why not just have the poll here? I've never understood why the polls get split into 2 threads.

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@novi_homines said:

Why not just have the poll here? I've never understood why the polls get split into 2 threads.

Because it's technically not possible... at least not yet.

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Hawkeye! I don't remember Green Arrow ever adopting a Pizza-loving dog.

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Hawkeye 4 life

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Holy crap..... talk about Sophie's Choice.

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Green Arrow is a way better archer with a way better backstory and has better character features. So... Green Arrow. Let the Green Shafts fly!

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Tough to say until Green Arrow gets into the second arc. GA sucked until Lemire took over.

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I read both but if I was forced to choose Hawkeye is the better written of the 2.

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Seriously, you are a monster for asking this question, lol

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Shado vs Hawkeye (kate bishop)

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Hawkeye is the best!!!!

This "Green Arrow" is not Green Arrow, he's Arrow... a new character...

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@crimsonsquire said:

Hawkeye! I don't remember Green Arrow ever adopting a Pizza-loving dog.


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Out the current series: I peeped both, I like Fraction, yet neither

overall: Neither, they just don't interest me.

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Well, as Hawkeye is just Marvel's version of Green Arrow, I guess I'd have to go with the original and pick Green Arrow in this.

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Currently, i like Hawkeye's book better. But overall i prefer Green Arrow :)

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While I prefer Green Arrow's character over Hawkeye, Hawkeye has been SLIGHTLY better.

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i think hawkguy will win, but idk which i will choose

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Well, as Hawkeye is just Marvel's version of Green Arrow, I guess I'd have to go with the original and pick Green Arrow in this.

From what i've read, whilst GA came out first, his personality was more based on Batman (rich guy, gadgets, even an Arrow-mobile etc). It was only when Hawkeye was created, with the unique twist (for back then) that he was more of a hotheaded rebel with a more complex hero personality, then GA became more like Hawkeye....

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Hawk eye !!!!

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Green Arrow!

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I know Hawkguy is the cool thing to love right now (don't get me wrong, i like it, too) and will probably win this poll, but I'm voting for Green Arrow. Hawkguy, while fun, is a little too hipster to be my fave. I prefer the dark/noirish Green Arrow Lemire has been bringing us. That and OH MY GOD, Andrea Sorrentino's art is flat out amazing. I've never been one to buy variants before...but I've picked up every single black and white variant of Sorrentino's Green Arrow covers thus far.

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Pre-reboot I woulda said Green Arrow, but since the reboot and the Hawkeye solo(ish) book, I'm going with Clint.

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@k4tzm4n Hey, I asked you this in your AMA thread. Awesome that it's the question of the week! :D If I recall, your response was Hawkguy but barely. I'm reading both, and I'd have to give the nod to Hawkguy as well, but I'd probably have a bigger margin of preference. I'm excited to see what the community thinks though.

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Hawkeye, he is made of pure awesome after all.

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Hawkeye, but Green Arrow is great.

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Honestly, I don't read either book too far into it, something about a badass normal with a bow is meh to me, I mean don't get me wrong I appreciate their characters over a lot of costumed freaks, but idk something about trick bows and a whole super hero who gets people with nothing but bows never appealed to me, funny thing is I do archery in real life, maybe that's why, if I knew martial arts, I'd probably be disinterested in Batman or something but instead I'm a bat-addict. From what I've read though I'm going to say Green Arrow because I was digging the direction they went with him, but I think I have to admit that Hawkeye has better writers. I'm still biased toward Green Arrow though cause the Queen Enterprises subplot is typically interesting enough. ( I like business, politics, and econ what can I say)

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Hawkeye, simply because it has been consistently good.

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If the choice was pre new 52 GA then he would most definitely get the nod but ever since the reset he has been one of the most poorly handled characters and the current run sucks too (yeah thats right I said it) but on the other hand I hate hawkeye with a burning passion so neither gets my vote

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HAWK-GUY forever and always but seriously where's the choice for pizza dog?

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both are awesome but ive gota give it to the Hawk!

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Probably hawk eye

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Hawkeye is the easy choice here.Green Arrow HAS WAY too much dialogue.

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@maxicere: You sir, have no idea what you are talking about.

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Never been much interested in Green Arrow as a character but I plan on reading the trades from the new creative team. So my vote is Hawkeye since I love the current comic and the movie version!

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I gotta go with Clint on this one.

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Wife reads GA. That said - I've always thought Ollie had more depth to him as a person/character than Clint. Like him or not, agree with him or not - Ollie really isn't someone to have a middle of the road opinion over. That's more dynamic than what can be said for Clint.

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Why can't I have both?