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Deadpool has his very own video game coming out today! To celebrate the character's big day, we want to reflect on his history and why we love the anti-hero. Sure, Wade has plenty of great appearances in assorted titles since first debuting in NEW MUTANTS #98, but we want to think about the books where he was the star and not just a cameo or secondary character. We here at Comic Vine each have our own favorites, but we want to see which one you love the most and why. So, take some time to think about it and then visit the link below to vote.


Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero will have a review of Deadpool's video game on the homepage later this week or early next week. In the meantime, be sure to check out his previous impressions of the gameplay!

Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET) and an updated feature (with poll results, extra opinions and more) will hit the homepage shortly after!

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Remender Deadpool in Uncanny X-Force followed by Cable and Deadpool.

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Cable and Deadpool perfectly blended political commentary, high action and razor-sharp humor into one package. Not just the best Deadpool series, one of the best series ever period.

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Joe Kelly's original run.

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Daniel Way's Deadpool

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@mara said:

Remender Deadpool in Uncanny X-Force followed by Cable and Deadpool.

I considered putting Remender's run but decided against it due to Wade's relatively limited role over the course of the entire series. That said, I do agree he did a superb job with the character!

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Awesome question!

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I watched a Quick Look of the Deadpool game on Giant Bomb tonight and they were not at all impressed. They did admit to knowing nothing of the character though, so it might hold more value to a fan.

EDIT: It's only got 66% on Metacritic so far, based on 10 reviews :/

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None of the above for me. My favorite version of Deadpool is Remenders Uncanny X Force. Though if I HAD to choose I suppose I would choose Ways run.

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The only one I've read was Fear Itself: Deadpool, but I really liked that one....

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I have New Mutants #98... good issue.

LOVE Deadpool! But I hope his humor and quirky appeal translates in the video game!

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Suicide Kings and Uncanny X-Force I'd have to say.

Not sure if it counts but I really liked the Agent X series as well.

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I don't know much about this character outside of animated movies. lol

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I am not gonna vote until I read more dead pool stuff.

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I really liked the character in both Uncanny X-Force and Cable & Deadpool but I gotta vote Suicide Kings. Deadpool, Daredevil, Spider-Man and Punisher had me sold

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the original from the 90s! before i got tired of his shtick

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Deadpool Merc with a Mouth 1-13

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The Circle Chase, hands down.

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Cable and Deadpool was my pick.

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2008 run for me. Such a funny series.

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I have Ways run, the Max series, Uncanny X-Force, Team-Up and Wade Wilsons War. But out of all of them I would say the current series, maybe because its new, but I really enjoy it.

Marvel needs to but Kelley's run in HC (i don't buy TPBs)

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I've only read the current one so I guess it wins by default.

I've really been enjoying it, though

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Joe Kelly's run.

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As much as i love Joe Kelly's Deadpool run my favourite has to be Nicieza Cable & Deadpool. Especially the issues with Zircher on art.

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Havent read much Deadpool but I will vote Cable and Deadpool

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Cable and Deadpool. Was the last time Deadpool was a character and not a meme.

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I voted for Joe Kelly's series. It's hands down the definitive Deadpool run. Actually I'd go as far to say as it not just the best Deadpool run, but one of the greatest runs period. On par with Garth Ennis's Punisher stuff, or Ed Brubaker's Captain America run....but for Deadpool.

I'm fine with Cable and Deadpool or Gerry and Brian's current series winning as well. They're great, well written, entertaining series. Although Cable and Deadpool got a little weak near the end, and Gerry and Brian's run is still too soon to say if it will remain good.

Just as long as Daniel Way's series doesn't win. It's hands down, the worst Deadpool run in history. The only good arc was when Deadpool fought Bullseye, and Dead was a decent arc as well. But other than that, pure garbage.

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Cable/Deadpool brought me back into comics to this day. Due to that series I'm a huge Marvel fan so I voted fr it. The New DP series has been really really good as well.

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Probaly Uncanny X-force or Cable and Deadpool the series now is funny though.

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ill say cable and deadpool