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A brand new DC animated film is on the way (if you haven't already seen it, go watch the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox trailer now!) and I think it's time to look back and appreciate the company's fantastic track record with its animated world. We here at Comic Vine love quite of few of these phenomenal films, but picking an absolute favorite isn't an easy task. Sure, Batman and Superman often steal the spotlight (in some great films, though), but Wonder Woman was simply terrific, Hal Jordan's been given plenty of love, and the various Justice Leaguers often get some well-deserved attention as well. There's a lot of quality films to choose from, but which one rises above the competition for you? You can only vote once... so choose wisely!


Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Be sure to check the homepage shortly after for an updated article with the results! Will the epic Batman: Under the Red Hood be the obvious winner or will another flick earn more votes? Go cast your vote and then check the homepage on Thursday for the results and more!

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I think I like the Wonder Woman the most. We don't have a Wonder Woman live-action movie yet and this one is satisfying.

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Definitely Under the Red Hood

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Under the Red Hood

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Under the Red Hood, but i liked Infinity Crisis a lot just because of Owlman

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@dondave said:

Definitely Under the Red Hood

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I think it has to be Under the Red Hood.

Second would be Crisis on Two Earths or maybe Doom.

The rest were very good....but at the same time kind of forgettable.

I wish they would make a Flash centric movie....that is not Flashpoint.

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Honestly, I loved most of them. But that's just me.

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Under the Red Hood, Crisis on Two Earths, and then Doom

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Year One was pretty great I thought.

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Under the red hood! I had to think about it aminute, since I really love Superman/Batman Apocalypse, All Star Superman and Superman vs. The Elite too, but it doesn't get better than Red Hood. For me its even better than Mask Of The Phantasm (GASP!). Love it!

The ones I didn't liked were Doomsday, JL Doom and Gotham Knights. Everything else I liked a lot, but didn't loved.

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Crisis on Two Earths is the first one I bought and definitely my favorite. My only complaint is that they should have kept it as the bridge between Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. I'd have loved to see Timm's character models with high quality animation. And John Stewart was sorely needed.

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The best DC animated movie was either Year One or Under the Red Hood.

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I know everyone is going to hate me for this but Crisis On Two Earths is my favorite.

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Under the Red Hood because of this scene. Also Jhon Dimaggio is an underated Joker and Bruce Greenwood is an awesome Batman.

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Under the red Hood

also I loved year one

can't forget Superman Vs The elite, despite the animation, i loved the story

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Crisis on Two Earths.

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@mrmazz: Jensen Ackles voice is pretty good. I think he would be an excellent Batman. I don't know why everyone wants Gosling. I seem him more as a Aquaman or Flash. Also really like Dimaggio, but he is no Joker.

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@hempknight757: oh god no. he doesnt have that look. plus he is kinda short. gosling would be just pathetic as batman. for now the role of bats belongs to no one.

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Under the Red Hood has to take the cake.

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everything else fails in comparison

All superman movies are weak, Wonder Woman is good and the Green Lantern movies are ok.

Let's hope that Flashpoint ushers in other movies and characters.

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I like most of the movies, but that's just me

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Either Under the Red Hood or The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

Or maybe DC Showcase: The Specter.

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I don't care how old this makes me sound, but Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is still the best DC animated movie (if not best comic book movie)!

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All the movies were good, of course. It's just that Batman: Under The Red Hood was so much better. I mean, if Jason Todd wasn't enough to convince you, it's Jason Todd people.

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Man, this was tough! I wish we were able to choose more than one! I really liked Crisis on Two Earths, Emerald Knights, Under the Red Hood, and The Dark Knight Returns! And the DC Showcase shorts were really cool as well! And don't forget about that Catwoman short. That was excellent! Sheesh, so hard to choose!

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@thetimestreamer: Gosling and Cavill are both 6'1". That's not short. And Drive proves that Gosling could definitely pull off Grant Morrison's Batman.

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I really liked Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The fight scenes were amazing

Honourable mention goes to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies for being the first animated appearance of my favourite superhero, Power Girl.

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I love these poll posts thanks Gregg. Also my vote was on Batman under the red hood. But I did also love Green Lantern First Flight.

I'm really looking forward to Flashpoint and would love to see a Blackest night film as well.

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Under the Red Hood or Justice League:Doom.

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Under the Red Hood was good, so was Crisis on Two Earths and JL Doom.

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I'd have to go with Justice League: New Frontier and DC Showcase: The Spectre. The Superman and Captain Marvel team up was also pretty neat.

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I don't care how old this makes me sound, but Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is still the best DC animated movie (if not best comic book movie)!

Yup its the best superhero animated movie, better than 80% of CMBs.

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Under the Red Hood. Heartbreaking to see young Jason at the end saying its the best day of his life.

Dark Knight Returns pt1

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I loved Year One. They did it really well if you're a fan of that book. DKR was great too. I wish it narrarration like Year One, becaus He it actually worked, but other then that it was done just fine. Even the drawn out fight with Superman didn't kill it for the movie. I don't look at that movie as a 2 parter either. It's one big long story it was so well done. Happy Happy Happy.

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Capatain Marvel Return of Black Adam was good too.

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Under the Red Hood. I can watch that movie all day long. Great voice acting. Greenwood is my favorite voice for Bats.

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Does Mask of The Phantasm count? I really didn't like any of the animated stuff DC put out after Justice League Unlimited.

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All Star Superman, Under The Red Hood and I like Superman vs, The Elite would of liked it more if Supes was being played by Stan Smith.

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Under the Red Hood.

That movie actually brought tears to my eyes the first time I watched it. It's almost flawless IMO. It's an absolute work of art. Perfect voice acting, fantastic animation, great action and some of the most dramatic scenes ever in an animated movie.

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The choir in the opening scene still gives me goosebumps.

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under the red hood and jensen ackles ftw

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the only one that was good: wonder woman. everything else pales in comparison. non were as touching, humorous, or compelling. since i didnt like the ones before wonder woman and i didnt like what i say of art for this movie i was expecting total crap and i was WRONG and so happy i was. if only they could make that movie into a live action feature changing NOTHING. sure SOME of the other movies had better animation (supergirl, green lantern) but storywise? making me connect and care about the characters? acting? none can compare. i watch this movie every year for a total of 12 times (only topped by my fav movie of all time adventures in babysitting which i also watch every year), have shown it to all my friends and family, i even got my wonder woman hating friend loved the movie (he still hates wonder woman but enjoyed the film and is now a fan of artemis). it officially has become my second favorite film of all time. im sure one of the bat films will win but whatevers. women rule!!!!!!

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Why isn't Mask of the Phantasm on that list? It's one of the best Batman movies ever.

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Under the red hood and the Dark Knight returns pt 1 and 2

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Gotham Knight for me.

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For me it would have to be part 2 of The Dark Knight Returns, though TDKR Part 1, UTRH and Year One follow very closely behind.

@leatherwings2289 I'm pretty sure it's because they are just asking about the recent line of animated films that started in 2007 with Superman: Doomsday. This line is specifically called DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Mask of the Phantasm wasn't released as part of this line (and for that matter, neither was Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker which was another awesome animated movie).

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Under the Red Hood was amazing but The Dark Knight Resturns 2 was amazinger x]

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I think I need Two-Face's coin to make a decision.....Doom or Red Hood? aaaaargh

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Under The Red Hood for sure.