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Thanks for checking out this week's edition of 'Comic Book Predictions!' As you likely know, a crazy amount of new comics come out every Wednesday and it's always fun to speculate what'll happen in the pages of the books we follow. I'll take a shot at three books I'm going to read and provide a few (and totally not serious) "extra predictions." You're welcome to speculate on any new book that you'd like, though!

Let the speculation begin!

Superior Spider-Man #3

If you've read the preview, then you know Jameson creates a "spider signal." Spider-Ock then smashes it because he says it's a clear target for his villains and leaves him open to attack. There's been some pretty funny debates with writer Dan Slott on twitter about this, but I'm all for "Peter's" reaction. Batman is a symbol that criminals fear and the light's a reminder that he's out there in the shadows. But Spider-Man? Despite his power, he's not exactly feared by many in the Big Apple (even Shocker overcame his fears of the wall-crawler). I imagine more than enough of his enemies would be brazen enough to attempt a take down when he visits the signal. So, bravo on that one, Slott.

But the real emphasis on this issue should be Carlie Cooper and her curiosity. As you may recall, "Doctor Octopus" told her about the body switch while attacking the police station. At the time, it just seemed like crazy banter from a dying man, but now that Spider-Man is acting so differently and she's a friggin detective, this should absolutely be the crux of the issue. I have no idea how long SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN will last (at least a year is my understanding) so I doubt she'll get any definitive proof in this issue. That said, I do think Slott will tease us with her making a small discovery or two in #3. He'll definitely do something to whet our appetite with this plot point. The real question is, though... when will "Peter" realize she's on to him and how will he react?

Green Arrow #17

We're going to fall in love again with Green Arrow. He's more popular now, but the show has been mediocre and a lot of people dropped the title due to it's lackluster start... but I suspect that's about to change. With Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino coming to the title and making this feeling like a(nother) reboot, how can anyone resist? It brings in similar elements for fans of the show (the island and his father) and already promises a deadly battle between archers. What's not to love? I just hope they really aim to draw parallels to the show and bring in Deathstroke, too.

Iron Man #6

Now this is what this Marvel NOW! title needs. While the first story wasn't that bad, it completely failed to impress and because of that, I know a lot of people jumped ship. It was diving into too much familiar terrority and really bringing nothing new to the table. Now, though, Tony is heading to the stars and we know it'll eventually lead to a team-up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And let's be honest here -- most of us are probably at least curious to check that out just because their movie is around the corner.

Hopefully, this'll bring a whole new (and much needed) dynamic and appeal to the title. Will it be a huge improvement? We'll find out tomorrow, but at least it'll be the start of something hopefully fresh. Although, it's safe to say quite a few of you will see "Greg Land" on the cover and run away without giving it a shot.

Extra Predictions

Harbinger: Will continue to prove why it's one of the best books out there.

Hit-Girl: She'll have a potty mouth.

Shadowman: Mr. Twist will probably die and, if so, I might shed a tear.

Thunderbolts: We'll want to like it, but we won't.

TMNT: Mikey will smack something or someone with a nunchuk.

Venom: This new Toxin/Eddie Brock story will make me do a happy dance because I'm a fanboy like that.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine & IGN Entertainment. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

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I'm extremely excited for Fearless Defenders tomorrow!

#2 Posted by Decoy Elite (30159 posts) - - Show Bio

Agree with the Venom prediction.

Personally I think Slott shot himself in the foot by making Ock not even try and be Peter. Now no matter what he does Superior will feel drawn out.

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I gave up on Superior Spiderman after issue 1 and I love Jeff Lemire and I'd love to check out Green Arrow, but there's only room for 1 archer in my pull list, and Hawkeye has that slot. TMNT is the only one from this list I'm getting.

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I still read Superior Spider-Man, and I have no idea why. I'm sure that is the case for others as well. I actually look forward to Earth 2 the most tomorrow. As for the next couple weeks, Guardians of the Galaxy will hopefully be my favorite. Avengers Assemble Annual might be worth a read too.

#5 Posted by CircularLogic (320 posts) - - Show Bio

I laughed at the Thunderbolts comment, but did anyone want to like it? It's Way and Steve Dillon.

Green Arrow, though. Considering how the character was ruined by the reboot, it can only get better under Lemire. What that means though is yet to be seen.

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You're right bout thunderbolts

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Yay, Shadowman predictions!

#8 Posted by ME24601 (130 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm predicting that the climax of Rotworld will be disappointing.

#9 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

i think twist will die to

#10 Posted by jayskee (1913 posts) - - Show Bio

Superior Spider man and green arrow for me

#11 Posted by thenexusrebound (263 posts) - - Show Bio

No love for Ultimate Spidey? It and Venom are the only two comics for me this week.

#12 Posted by Ghidoran (74 posts) - - Show Bio

Arrow is not a mediocre show...

#13 Edited by Reignmaker (2366 posts) - - Show Bio
Hell yeah!

Prediction 1:Shadowman #4 will be the most awesome thing available on the stands.

Prediction 2: Tragically, mediocre titles like "Iron Man" will sell more copies, because most people prefer their "fast food" over "fine cuisine."

#14 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

No Batman predictions?

#15 Posted by Waddly_Hobbins (21 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm picking up Green Arrow 17 for sure.

As for Arrow, the show, the first few episodes were mediocre. However, it seems that CW must have seen how good the ratings were and started throwing money at the show. The quality started to rise dramatically, especially in the episodes after the winter hiatus. There is no longer the horrible, horrible narration, the acting is much better, plots are now more diverse (instead of attacking very generic rich scum bags.) In my opinion, Arrow has gone from what used to be a guilty pleasure show that I was seriously considering dropping, to a show that has earned its spot on my DVR schedule.

#16 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41050 posts) - - Show Bio

I want to like Green Arrow again but I think Lemire is a very mediocre writer 
Also I hate the fact Iron Man is anywhere near the GotG

#17 Posted by Loki2u (279 posts) - - Show Bio

Did I miss the weekly feature "This Weeks Essential Comics"? Or did it not get posted this week?

#18 Posted by InfamousFish (378 posts) - - Show Bio

@thenexusrebound: Ultimate is going to be really good now that Miles is actually fighting a real villian.

#19 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (10524 posts) - - Show Bio

True about Thunderbolts. Stupid Way ruining all these awesomeass chararacters

+ I'm Loving HAWKEYE and now another arrowhead joins my list

#20 Posted by Mia26 (145 posts) - - Show Bio

Am picking up Green Arrow #17 tommrow, I read the preview and it kept me wanting more and it looks to be the Green Arrow I love.

#21 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm so thrilled about Green Arrow :D Maybe this time they will make it right

@Ghidoran said:

Arrow is not a mediocre show...

Yeah It's not the best thing EVER but it's pretty decent.

#22 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Arrow probably has the most to improve on to us the fans so I'm really excited for that title above all else.

#23 Posted by hunter5024 (130 posts) - - Show Bio

Aww no photo captions. I imagine that was probably the hardest part.

#24 Posted by entropy_aegis (16061 posts) - - Show Bio

When I first heard about Lemire taking up the Green Arrow job I was beyond excited but the more I hear about it(interviews,solicits etc) the less I care.Lemire's ideas seems like a retread of the same territory Ollie's been through(rediscovering himself and his life) seriously how many times could a character do this?

He also ruined this new Komodo villain by claiming that he is an infinitely better marksman and archer than Ollie(even though he hasn't even shown up yet),there goes the suspense and thrill,I'm already getting a terrible vibe from this villain(Hush).

Finally I dont see any cool supporting characters(Mia,Connor Hawke),bummer.

Should be consistent and coherent with solid character work but meh.

#25 Posted by Overlander (615 posts) - - Show Bio

True statement about Thunderbolts being terrible. I'm still cautiously optimistic about All-New X-Men. I enjoy it, but in spite of glaring things that bug me.

#26 Posted by minigunman123 (3262 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved the prediction for TMNT.

Mikey will hit stuff with a nunchuck.


#27 Posted by kid Apollo (771 posts) - - Show Bio

Thunderbolts prediction is great!

#28 Posted by MyComicStoreDotNET (47 posts) - - Show Bio

Won't be getting my copy of Green Arrow until next week. I predict that I will not enjoy the wait.

#29 Posted by ShadowMonkey (74 posts) - - Show Bio

@Loki2u: Ya, I always look forward to it as well.

I noticed that Thunderbolts was missing from the review articles. I guess Comicvine gave up on this one. I don't read the comic, but it's fun to throw in a bad book every once in a while on the reviews.

Looks@k4tzm4n said:

Thunderbolts: We'll want to like it, but we won't.

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SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is good I can't see why nearly everyone hates it ( maybe the art isn't too good) it is by far the best title in marvel at the moment with avenging spider-man ( now superior!) I wouldn't be reading marvel if this didn't came ( okay I might like other marvel titles but still) DC is by far the best.