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Has anyone seen X Men Evolution?  You know the cartoon from earlier this decade. 
I ask this because of recent comments, not only on this site but others as well.  About the casting decisions for X Men First Class.  Every post someone is upset because they're including so and so in the movie and they shouldn't be in it because they aren't part of the "First Class" story. 
I go back to X Men Evolution.  The cartoon didn't mimic the comics.  Sure they had the same characters and similar backgrounds, but it didn't start with the five original team members.  Did anyone have a problem with their decision to have the X Men go to school with the Brotherhood?  Mystique a principal? 
Probably not. 
My point is, there's no reason to hate just because they're not following the already established story line.  We've read the story we should know how it ends.  Why would you want to see it repeated on the big screen when you know what is going to happen. 
In 1987 people were like.. Michael Keaton as Batman?!?! WTF? 
2007 people were like Heath Ledger as The Joker?!?! Aw Hell Naw!!  
2006 people were like Topher Grace as Venom?!?  okay that was bad...
The thing is the internet is never happy.  But they're sometimes wrong.

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X-Men: Evolution was pretty good, but the school moments... cringe worthy. Why would people that actually live in a school go to another school where they would be persecuted? The show was at its best in season 3 and 4 (which still isn't on DVD yet....) when it got more serious.
Also, I don't know many people that complained about Heath Ledger. Maybe a little prior to the Dark Knight, but I don't know of anybody that disliked his rendition of the Joker. This is a rather bad example.
My thoughts: they should stick to the comics.

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I actually liked X-men Evo (Totally not for my ~13 year-old crush I had on Kitty Pryde... no that's not the reason... I'll kill anyone who says it is!) It was youngish, but for the later seasons it dumbed it down less, and actually was a pretty good retelling. Besides, I liked the art direction better than the 90s cartoon, which put me off a tad because of the lower quality art style, despite its superior writing. Plus the 90s cartoon didn't have Kitty Pryde... What... Don't judge me! Anyway, the thing with the brotherhood did bother me until the third season, where they were downgraded to an affably evil team, and weren't really nemeses, but, at worst, nuisances. Mystique as principal didn't bother me, since she's a shape changer, and it would be easy for her to become principal, to keep an eye on Xavier and his students, for Magneto. 
For Heath Ledger, I've got to say, I actually didn't like it as much as I should have, since his performance is spectacular, however, I always wanted to see a big screen, live action version of Mark Hamel's Joker. 
For First Class, I hope they stick to the comics, when it comes to story, and personality and everything, but as I didn't really like the first iteration of the X-men, I hope the movie does them more justice than the original comics did them. I also hope this is a reboot, even if they keep Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stuart and Sir Ian McKellan from the other series, on if they do more past First Class.  
@ JediXMan: You can actually find all the episodes of X-men evo here, so you can find the season 4, despite the lack of a dvd.

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All of the 4th season is on Hulu, as well. Which I'm happy about.
But I'd still like to see it on DVD.....
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Yeah I totally remember when everyone on the internet was flipping out about Michael Keaton as Batman in 1987.

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@JediXMan: Not so much AFTER the performance.. But when the casting decision was made..
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yeah, Michael Keaton did an amazing job as Batman 
I remember seeing Batman and Batman Returns in the theater when they came out  
I was such a hige fan of the series.....until Batman Forever, of course
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I don't know... I still don't really like Keaton as Batman. For all the flack Bale gets, I like him better, since he was cast moreso for Batman than for Bruce Wayne. Keaton seemed like he could pull off the billionaire playboy, but as Batman, I didn't really buy him.