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I actually started this forum because I've been (like most of us) have been watching "Comic Book Men" First off the show wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but because I kept watching it I really like. I also "get it" now. Anyway. After 4 episodes (I'm slow) I realized that there was a podcast. I googled the Kevin Smiths podcast and listened to the ones related to Comic Book Men and it's AWSOME. As a comic fan it's really great. It's funny, it's no hards bard, and it's full of comic talk. From what I have listened to tho, I don't know if Kevin Smith doesn't know as much about comics as he comes off as, or if he's playing to the audience. Either way. It's funny, and it's great. If anyone has any other podcasts comic related to listen too for free, then let me know. I don't pay for podcasts. Not when I have the comic collecting budget I do.