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Hi Everyone, well, here's where we are at . . . We are at the state where we have built up the name and awareness to the point that as soon as we are transformed into or can act as a Non profit, we are going to hold a event. It will be done with dignity, integrity and honor, as the people from the industry deserve the best. That would complete phase 1.

Last summer we did a internal study, showing the economic impact of a physical Comic Book Hall of Fame. Now, we have talked to developers and they have openly stated that we need a independent study done. So after the 1st Annual Event is done, we pay the fee for a Independent study and have already been told that if the independent study matches or comes close to our internal study, developers will be able to use it (although not guaranteed) to convince city councils of why a Comic book Hall of Fame should be in their city and to fund it in part or whole. That is just one of many avenues and we will be taking more than one avenue at a time.

Roger over @ The Comic Book Hall of Fame