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What are some ways to fill up the spaces in your comic book collection? Is there any good websites to check on back issues or does everyone rely on comic cons and conventions nowadays? Does anyone know of back issues from Green Lantern, Aquaman, & Justice League series that will be of greater purpose in the future? I have a collection of almost all of Geoff Johns' work. What is the proper way of stacking your comics in a current box, from the front to back or from back to the front of the box? Will my comics be of good condition if left in a comic box, poly bag and board, as well as newspaper for backing of the issues in the box so that they won't fall over on each other? How are other ways to find your comic of choices' greatest feats, first appearance, and other events?

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Thats a lot of questions. For properly caring for your comics, go on youtube. If you look up a character on comicvine, it'll tell you they're first appearances and major story arcs. Try midtowncomics.com for some back issues.

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@sagejonathan: thanks, man. pretty much wat i'm doing now. midtowncomics.com been my online comic shop of choice for the last year or so, but looking for specific issues of great battles such as Hal and Superman vs. Mongul, etc. As far as proper care for your comics, i'm jus looking for some collectors that have some superstitions, etiquette, and theories behind comic book collecting and caring for them.

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