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For both the theme song and the opening "credits" so to speak.

I'd say BTAS..not much of a theme "song", but loved the opening sequence.

The X-Men series from the early 90's had a good combo song/sequence to introduce the characters.

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Superman TAS

As a kid when the opening theme would come on it would just make my day awesome. I still have memories of watching that show and humming along with the opening theme with my red cape on.

Ah...those were the days

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X-Men the animated series had the best one by far. The song is so memeorable and the sequences with each characthers name was always great to have for kids to learn the characther names for the first time. Good times good times.

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BTAS, nothing comes close......maybe batman beyond theme

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As though smoldering testosterone t'was poured forth from the loins of a Norseman, unto a mold cast from the rock of a god's dying chord, feast thine virgin eyes upon the most masculine thing mankind hath ever wrought.

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Xmen Tas

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Ill pick 1. Batman TAS (extended) as number 2. JLU as number 3. Avengers- (season one).

Comic book shows almost always have great theme songs.

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TMNT 2012

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I loved the 90s X-Men Animated Series theme song and the 90s Spider-Man theme song. I also loved the 1987's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song, since it's so iconic!

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Spectacular Spider-Man

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Nothing can beat the X-Men 90s theme.