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I like TCW I truly do. Sure its a canon cruncher, but its entertaining and what else would a nerd virgin like myself do on a Friday night at 8 (okay now its on at 9:30 am saturday, so I have no excuse). Here is a list of things I'd like to see in Clone Wars at some point.

1. Darth Maul vs General Grievous- This would be an epic duel, and I'd have no clue who'd win. Mechanical footsie anyone?

2. Something to do with the Yuuzhan Vong- I actually like the Vong and I'd like to see a cameo of one of their spies or scouts which were active during the Clone Wars.

3. Plo Kloon's Electric Judgement- Come on Filoni. Koon's your favorite Jedi, so I'd like to see him discharge some justice. Yellow please.

4. Arkanian dragon- Yeah I like dragons.......

5. Sith spirit- I'd like to see one of these bad boys, maybe try and seduce Anakin....

6. Epic death of Ahsoka Tano- its time for Miss Tano to go. Put her on the final straw list for Anakins conversion and please make it unforgettable.

7. Yoda lightsaber duel- I don't know who'd be good enough to make Yoda whip it out (snicker), but Dooku is always an option and who knows, Impress me.