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Have you ever read a comic that is amazing but could be even better if it wasnt for somewhat dated art? I feel this way about alot of the Sandman issues ESPECIALLY the early issues. I just cant imagine how amazing it would be if someone like Andrea Sorrentino, Frank Quietly, or Frazer Irving had drawn the Sandman using modern technology and techniques. I also kinda feel like that about the Dark Knight Returns but to a lesser extent.

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Wow. I really like the art in the Sandman. Felt it worked really well with the story.

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There are a lot of stories I just plain cannot get through because of the art. The Dark Knight Returns is number one on that list.

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The Dark Knight Returns. I greatly dislike the art.

But I absolutely love the art in most of the Sandman issues. Only art I didn't like was the art during "the Kindly Ones" arc.

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ditto on DKR. I couldn't make it through it. (Glad the animated adaptation came out). I prefer more modern (mid-90s at least) comics in general because of the art. I know CoIE is a "classic" of the DC universe, but I had to force myself through it (to just learn the story) - I just don't care for older comic-art.