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just pondering on the thought of this new awsome power and was wondering..what are its limit's? ? eg if I manipulated time to speed myself up would I still get tired?? Could I also turn back time rather than just go back in time? Does it mean I don't need to sleep or eat? can I speed up recovery or negate injuries i.e. erase them from ever happening?

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Well if you manipulated the time-stream around you, you wouldn't have any abilities beyond your time-manipulation, so you would have a standard human physiology. You could accelerate your healing, but you'd also accelerate your ageing. You could make yourself run "faster", but you'd still run out of breath.  
Whether or not you can go "back in time" is dependent upon whether or not your ability includes travel along the timestream, and not just manipulation of it. Remember, unless you can teleport, you'll just be moving time around the one spot.