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Despite giving an interview about his future plans for the characters on BoP Jim Zub will be replaced as a writer from BoP by the writer of Sword & Sorcery: Amethyst, Christy Marx

Christy Marx is taking over as writer on "Birds Of Prey." Does Jim Zub also have other projects at DC, like Venditti? Why the switch there?

Harras: Jim had a great pitch for "Birds Of Prey," but as things came together in discussion and the creative churn, we all saw what Christy was doing on "Amethyst," and we were looking at "Birds Of Prey" and internally and editorially we were thinking of taking it in a different direction. The decision was made that we were going to go in a different direction than what Jim had originally envisioned. We definitely, definitely want to continue working with Jim, but at this moment, we wanted to go in a particular direction. Bobbie started working with Jim months ago --


not sure what to think of this

on one hand I really like Sword & Sorcery, is just a very good book and you should be reading it, and is good to see that Christy is expanding possibilities in DC, and i aslo feel way more confident with her as writer cause i never read anything from Zub, not meaning that he is a bad writer but i already know that Christy is a good one

on the other hand, this just once again show how freaking terrible is management of DC is

Zub didnt even had a single issue out and he is already out of the door, allegedly cause is not what they want to do with the book, thats ok, pitches get rejected every day, but he announced as a new writer, he gave a couple of interviews and now he is gone, Indecision means that you no idea what the hell you are doing, is just so surprising

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Poor guy. Where are all the feminazi fangirls celebrating a female writer?

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@jointron33 said:

Poor guy. Where are all the feminazi fangirls celebrating a female writer?

Don't you just love it when people get confrontational and aggressive right away and completely out of nowhere?