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When the new 52 first started out there was a lot of complaining (myself included) about Dick Grayson's age up. Originally, he started the Robin identity at age around age 10 (between 8 or 12), but in the new 52 he's 16. As I thought about it though, he isn't the only young hero that's been aged up. Take Johnny Storm for example, originally he was 16 years old when he got started in the FF, but in the movies and cartoons he's in his 20s (this goes for some comics as well). I'm pretty sure that trend will continue in the 2015 reboot.
The argument is that young heroes wave a hand at child endangerment. Damien Wayne's recent death is an example of this. Arguably this applies to Ultimate Peter Parker as well (although I think Miles is younger). I don't see young heroes as a problem. For Grayson in particular, seeing him grow up is what made Nightwing such a beloved character. He grew into that position, taking the experience he had from childhood into adulthood. Or Wally West, started pretty young as Kid Flash but then became the main flash for a few decades. Some kids are successful, some kids aren't.

What do you all think? Should there be an age requirement for hero work?

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I think there probably should if you want an engaging character because i've seen many supposed child heroes who act like they are in their mid to late teens. You can't have a young hero then have them act far older than they are. It defeats the purpose of the character. The younger they are the harder it is to write stories that engage with an older audience. Hence the reason they always act older which to me seems stupid if you can't write a young hero make them older. Simple as that.

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@strider92: I agree.

I think the only exception to the rule is Molly Hayes. She is a child heroine who acts like a child, not like an adult.

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