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So I'm looking for a tablet to ONLY read comics on. I have absolutely no other use for a tablet, so I'm just looking for something cheap; around $200 or less. I've poked around and everyone said the Nexus 7 is great for full page comic viewing but I'm worried about purchasing that now because there might be a Nexus 7 2 coming out within a month. Grr.

Anyone have any other tablet recommendations? Thanks so much!

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@vhyra: You must be the most devoted new reader I've seen :) I used to read my comics on my iPod touch, but I don't know so many tablets.

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@themanintheshoe said:

@vhyra: You must be the most devoted new reader I've seen :) I used to read my comics on my iPod touch, but I don't know so many tablets.


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Probably the Kindle Fire

The reason I recommend a Kindle over a Nook is because I've had problems with my Nook apps, and I like the Amazon Kindle store much more. It's much more user-friendly and I have more options. I also feel more secure when shopping on Amazon.

For the record, I don't own a Kindle or a Nook. I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 tab 10.1. What I like about that is that I can run Kindle and Nook apps on it. I know you can't run Kindle apps on the Nook, but I don't know if that's the same on Nook. I'm not recommending that because it's more expensive than the price range you mentioned.

However, do some research. See if the device you're getting has room for a micro SD card (believe me: if you intend on downloading comics or anything else, you'll need this extra memory)

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@jedixman said:

Probably the Kindle Fire

Thanks! I will look into it!! :)

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I'd go with the google nexus. It's perfect not only for comics, but other things as well.

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@novi_homines: The only problem is I've been told that full page comics look so much better on a 10 inch tablet as opposed to a 7. And I would LOVE to get a Nexus 10 but not fond of the price tag!

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I just got the NOOK HD+ and it is PERFECT for reading comics. It has a 9" screen so I can view the entire page and read all of the text without having to zoom. And while the NOOK itself doesnt view CBR files, the HD+ now comes with the Google Play store which has several FREE comic viewer apps that will open those files with no problem. For $150 this is EXACTLY what I was looking for and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a tablet to read comics.

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@vhyra: A Blackberry Playbook

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@vhyra: I'm actually on Comic Vine right now on the 9" Kindle Fire HD. Comics look excellent on here and are easily legible. One note though, with the Kindle Comixology app, DC comics don't show up to be purchased. You have to purchase them through the web browser then they can be downloaded and read in the app. It is annoying, but not as bad as I just made it sound.

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@vhyra: I'd go with Amazon's Kindle Fire or wait for the next Google Nexus. While you're saying it's strictly for comics, I think you'll change your mind once you get your device and start exploring what it can actually do. Having a tablet is life-changing. No joke. I use my iPad nonstop all day for both work and play. It's too convenient not to.

I've heard the Nook is great, but I'm more of an Amazon guy than a Barnes and Noble guy so I recommended the Kindle. That and I'm more about available content than I am about the actual technology, and I'm pretty sure Amazon has B&N beat in that category. Truthfully, that's primarily why I went with Apple (though it cost me a small fortune). Because pretty much all other third-party companies produce their apps for the iOS store anyway because the user base is so large. I still use Amazon for my books, Netflix/Amazon for my streaming movies, Spotify for my music, and Comixology/Marvel Unlimited for my comics. Why tie yourself down to any one ecosystem?

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. Fortunately there's lots of quality choices out there.