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Who are the characters with the most interesting power sets that come to mind?

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Generic Man.
His power is anything he touches becomes it's most generic distilled form.

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I liked the paper from read or die. Pretty much magneto but with paper,

manipulate paper into bulletproof shields, swords, working giant paper airplanes, models of Big Ben, etc.

I also like what the flash can do with his powers...taking on opponents that are clearly stronger then him, like super girl, but speed powers also seem to be risky too if you have no idea what you are doing. I hate the idea of powers that can get you killed

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I really like Jack Hawksmoor's powers.

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I really like Jack Hawksmoor's powers.

I agree very cool.

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Flash. Most people only think he can run fast but he can time travel, make constructs, phase through things, go invisible and a bunch of other crap

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Flash, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Rogue

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Ok gonna say the kids from Chronicle they have telekinesis but they found new ways to use it other than just moving objects with their minds flight, force fields, also they had a psychic link with each other.

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I want to add Backlash to this list

psionic whom manifestes his psionic abilitie s through psionic energy tendrils and can turn into mist

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Medusa of Soul eater's directional powers have always interest me.

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  • Backlash
  • Spider-man
  • Plutonian
  • Jack Hawksmoor
  • Penance

All have pretty unique abilities.

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I can remember an old tv show called The Secret World Of Alex Mack and I always thought that she had a pretty cool power set:

  • Telekinesis
  • Morphing into a Liquid Form
  • Being able to 'Zap' things
  • and although not technically a power she would Glow when ever she got exhausted.
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Martian Manhunter is unbelievable

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Grail (Salvador Joel Alonday)

The Mask

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@iragexcudder you are right about masrtian manhunter!!!! Hes the Swiss Army knife of Superheroes!!!! and @cyberninja are you serious about squirrel girl?? lol

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jack hawkmoor


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Ororo Munroe aka Storm